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Reviewed by:  Laura

the santa video

What they say:  Imagine your child’s excitement on Christmas morning, watching Santa Claus walk past their very own Christmas tree, delivering their presents, and eating their cookies and milk, all in your very own home!

TheSantaVideo allows you to do just this in 3 simple steps, creating a high-quality video proof of santa visiting, try it for free.

Family Owned & Operated, has been adding smiles to childrens’ faces since 2009. We happen to love the spirit of Christmas, and The Santa Video is a direct result of the excitement our family shared as children.

What we say:  “I made the video today.  In terms of ease of use it’s not great on a mobile or tablet, you can’t preview the photo of your room with the different videos of Father Christma when they are superimposed. That is a shame as I think a lot of people would find using a tablet easier and would be more likely to have a photo on that kind of device rather than the laptop.

However once on the laptop with a photo uploaded it was very easy to use and review with a good choice of Father Christmas videos (for example entering from both the left and right of the screen so depending on where the door in your room is it is still realistic). The music you can add is nice too.

I think  it is definitely something that the kids would get the most out of if you were to do it for them on Christmas morning so they can believe he was dropping the presents off for them the night before.  As my two had visited Father Christmas at the Christmas Fair yesterday we told them he had just called in before going home.  They were in awe of the fact he was in their lounge and my four year old acted out what he had done when he was here (the positioning of FC makes it look like he is checking out our chinmey in preparation for Christmas Eve).  However my six year old just wanted to know when he would be getting the video from Father Christmas that has a photo of him in it and tells him if he has made the good list for this year (which you can get from other companies), and this is where I think this video isn’t really good value for money.  Another video I have used before is free, it is personalised and Father Christmas appears to talk directly to them which makes them beyond excited.

It’s not a very long video and while they asked to see it again then did lose interest quite quickly.  Because of the nature of the video and how the Father Christmas is superimposed I think you would need to be careful using it with children  over maybe 8.

I would have been disappointed if I had paid £14.95.”


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