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Reviewed by: Mojomums reviewer Kate

What they say: The Pearly White Club is the bamboo toothbrush subscription service offering a convenient way to look after your family’s teeth and help the planet! They will deliver fresh new biodegradable toothbrushes to your door every 6 weeks, so you will never forget to change a frayed and bacteria-filled old brush again!

The Pearly White Club tailor their subscriptions to suit your family, considering:

  • The number of people in your house
  • Which firmness you prefer
  • Sizes for children and adults
  • Different coloured brushes, so nobody gets mixed up!

What we say: “With single-use plastics so much in the news at the moment I was interested to try out these new eco-friendly toothbrushes from The Pearly White Club. I was pleased to note there was no plastic packaging too, bonus – the boxes have gone straight in the paper recycling, without having to try to extract the plastic blister pack from card backing.

They are made from sustainable bamboo and indeed when you have them in your hand it is a very smooth lovely, light piece of wood. They look lovely in the bathroom too.

I thought the coloured bristles were novel and would attract kids. My 7 year old daughter was very pleased with the blue one (her favourite colour) and as there has been some talk about reducing use of plastics in school, she was very keen and could see the environmental benefits. However, my stubborn 5 year old daughter refused point blank to use one with pink bristles, simply because they are not orange! Yes she is in that phase where you ruin her day by giving her the wrong coloured cup! Maybe when they produce a brush with orange bristles, she’ll love it and never put it down, but for now it’s a point blank refusal, oh my she is stubborn and I’m not fighting the battle at way past bedtime!

As I said my 7 year old liked her’s and used it with no issue, no different to her normal one apparently. I found the adult head slightly larger than what I prefer, I mainly use an electric brush, though always have a manual one to hand too as the battery is often not charged!”

For more information visit The Pearly White Club

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