Review of The Day of the Orphan by Dr Nat Tanoh

Reviewed by: Mojomums Samantha

What they say: Like many eighteen-year-old boys, Saga’s prime concerns are: listening to music his mum calls “hop-hip”, learning about girls from his suave best mate Ibrahim, and making sure his considerable tummy is well-fed. In his affluent, liberal and relatively protected suburb life is pretty good, especially when his mum’s special peanut soup is on the table. However, in Africa, childhoods can be snatched in an instant, especially when you live in a dictatorship. When his friends and family are dragged into the conflict, he is given no choice. Chubby Saga becomes an unlikely revolutionary, but these are very dangerous times. Their violent President Brewman has built their country on fear and even he, himself, is terrified. Spies, traps and double-dealings lie everywhere. Can one happy-go-lucky schoolboy really stand up to a murderous regime? How long can he stay one step ahead of the Zombie soldiers that will do anything to stop him? This thought-provoking coming of age story touches on many of Africa’s biggest problems today.

What we say: “The Day of the Orphan by Dr Nat Tanoh tells the fictional story of a teenage boy, Saga, growing up in Africa under the brutal dictatorship of Field Marshall Brewman and his murderous regime. Saga becomes the unlikely hero when he speaks up at school against the regime, and the consequences that follow as he and his schoolmates lead a revolution against the government.

I really enjoyed this book. Although fictional, it echoes the harsh realities of many African countries and people living under corrupt and brutal dictatorship, experiencing poverty, violence and fear. However, rather than becoming a heavy and sombre read, this story engages you right from the start with its interesting, relatable characters and the twists and turns in the plot. You are never quite sure who to trust and what the outcome will be which keeps you turning the pages. Although it shows the fear, violence and struggles of living in a country ruled by military force, its also about love, family and friendships which we can all relate to.

I highly recommend this book.”


The Day of the Orphan by Dr Nat Tanoh is available from many good book stores and online from Amazon.

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  1. Great book and very good writing.

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