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Reviewed by:  Mojomums reviewer Nicola


What they say:  Young Chris is an astronaut. A very busy astronaut. Saving the planet from aliens is much more important than taking baths or going to bed. Because at bedtime the worst sort of alien appears – darkness. But when Chris watches the first televised moon landing, he discovers that there is a dark out in Space that is much darker than he’s used to. It’s the darkest dark ever, and he realises that the unknown can be . . . exciting!

The Darkest Dark is the debut picture book by Commander Chris Hadfield, international bestselling author of An Astronaut’s Guide to Life on Earth, with spectacular illustrations by illustration team, The Fan Brothers. Inspired by Chris’s decision to become an astronaut after watching the Apollo 11 moon landing at age nine, The Darkest Dark is an inspiring story about facing your fears and following your dreams.

What we say:  “My first thoughts upon receiving the book were how beautify presented it was and that the size and the weight of the book would make it a great gift for any young child. The illustrations are incredible.  Really appealing to both adults and children alike and really artistic as well as helping to transport the reader right into to the story, making the journey of Chris’s adventure so much more magical as well as easier for young children to understand and “read” themselves from the images alone.

Upon opening the book my daughter was elated to discover that it was written by a real life astronaut and now (as we have read the story a few times since) always likes to start the story by looking at her “friend the spaceman” first. I think for her knowing that Chris is not only a real person but also an astronaut makes the story that bit more exciting.

I love that the book talks about not sleeping in mummy and daddy’s bed as this something that we have been struggling with and so found the references very helpful and a good discussion point with my 3 year old. I also think the book is very educational in a subtle and fun way and is a great way for little ones to discover and learn more about the solar system and particularly man’s first steps on the moon.

I would certainly recommend this book for children from 3 years upwards and think its a great goodnight story and has so far helped my daughter with her fear of the dark so I for one am over the moon!”


The Darkest Dark is available from many good book stores and online from Amazon.

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  1. kuni fann says:

    Fasinating story, incredible illustrations!

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