Review of the Cutty Sark’s Interactive App – Captain Woodget’s Apprentice

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Reviewed by:  Mojomum Emma and her children

cutty sark

What they say:  The world-famous Cutty Sark is about to set sail on yet another epic journey with you on board as an apprentice. But this is no cruise. Your skills and effort will be put to the test every day. The crew needs you. The Captain trusts you.

By playing the interactive app Captain Woodget’s Apprentice you will be able to complete important jobs throughout the ship and ensure everyday life on board runs smoothly. Help the crew by ringing the bell, steering the ship and unfurling the sails, or catch mischievous monkeys who like to steal the Captain’s sugar.

This is your chance to join the crew of Cutty Sark and experience what life was like for those who sailed this incredible tea clipper over a century ago. Get a taste of working on board. Could you have handled it?

What we say:  “On a perfect, unseasonably warm and sunny autumn day, we set sail for the Cutty Sark to try out Gamar’s pioneering augmented reality technology –a complicated description for an inter-active children’s game. Max and Olivia (7 and 9 years respectively), soon became engrossed in the game on the top deck.

All was going well until they had to point the I-pad at the ship’s wheel in order to move on. Unfortunately, this did not work and a member of the Gamar team had to hold up a photograph of the ship’s wheel instead! This happened several times. Perhaps this should be activated by touch technology or even taking a photograph of the objects.

cutty sark 2

The mini-games at the end of each section, played after each object had been found, were a great hit and the children were certainly engaged and learning and had to explore the deck to locate all the objects; taking ‘selfies’ and incorporating them into the images on the screen, was also fun. Olivia felt that perhaps she could have learnt more and that the activities were more suited to her brother’s age-group.”


*Please note that on the day of Emma’s visit the Cutty Sark crew temporarily removed the canopy over some of the items on the deck which altered their appearance on such a sunny day. The canopy has now been returned to its original position and the game has been retested and works correctly.


For more information and details about the Cutty Sark and the interactive Captain Woodget’s Apprentice app click here.

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