Review of The Coupledom Trap

Reviewed by:  Mojomums reviewer Nichola

the coupledom trap

What they say:  The Coupledom Trap explains how you can build a happy home full of honesty and laughter, rather than a stressful life full of false pretence and worry.

  • Does your relationship make your life fun?
  • If you and your partner read each other’s minds, would you be pleasantly surprised?
  • Is it realistic to expect love to last?
  • Can we make the majority of children witness playful, loving parents?

Love is the only reason why people should get together, stay together, and far more importantly, have children together. The Coupledom Trap explores relationships from their inception, and offers radical methods for regularly and honestly assessing the true levels of love and commitment. It’s Time To Live Better.

What we say:  “On receiving this book I was pleasantly surprised to see that it looked to be a thin, readable book, unlike some of the “relationship” books I have previously read that take forever to plough through, this book looked to be manageable; and it was.

From the minute I started reading it I had eureka moments and could really identify exactly with what the author Tal Araim was saying.  It covers different relationship situations and therefore enables a wide range of readers to identify with it.

I found it really enlightening and enjoyable to read.  I felt it was practical, informative and helpful although there was quite a bit on “things you must consider/do relationship wise before you have children” so a bit late for most of us!”


The Coupledom Trap is available from many high street bookstores and online from Amazon.

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