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Reviewed by: Mojomums reviewer Ellen

What they say: The Bshirt is different from other breastfeeding clip vests or breastfeeding tops. It is designed to be worn as a thin vest top underneath your favourite clothes and it can also be worn on it’s own because it looks just like a normal vest top. The Bshirt has no clips or ties to fuss with. It allows baby to get full access so you can achieve good positioning and latch. Breastfeed confidently with the Bshirt under your favourite pre-pregnancy clothes. Feel empowered and fashionable as you adapt your wardrobe to be breastfeeding friendly.

What we say: “As a first time mum trying to grapple with all the little issues breastfeeding brings was quite a task… making sure his latch was correct, changing position if he was becoming fussy, getting my boob out before the ‘arching’ back started… but doing all this in public was even more of a task.

After three and a half months of exclusively breastfeeding (despite trying to get my little Louis to take bottled expressed milk) we’d both become comfortable in knowing how to latch and feed without too many issues. However, little man has now become quite inquisitive which means he is distracted VERY easily when on my boob, exposing my breast to the world a little more frequently than I’d like.

Just in time for this change in behaviour I got the Bshirt.

One in black and one in a lovely purpley colour.

Previously I had been layering my clothes to avoid showing my mum tum when lifting up my top (not that I’m ashamed of it but the days are getting colder 😏). Or I would wear blouses which meant exposing a lot of my breast and let’s be honest a blouse doesn’t really go with trainers.

I got the Bshirt in a size 10.

The fit was good, maybe a little too big on the straps though. It was nice and snug across my boobs but not too tight on the belly which is ideal. However the front is too low and exposes my maternity bra when worn as a single layer top. I’m a D so it wasn’t a case of my boobs not filling the top half. The straps also fall down and this happens more often towards the end of the day when you’ve fiddled inside to move your maternity bra out the way. The material must stretch a bit. There’s no chance I could go without a bra but for those that can I’m sure it would be perfect.

I tried it out in the house for the first feed. It was superb. I just unhooked my bra and tucked it under my boob. Lifted shorter cropped part of the top and Louis was happy as Larry. Once he was on you could hardly tell I was feeding him. It just looked like he was snuggled into my top. This gave me lots of confidence for trying it out and about. Even if he was to become distracted then it would be a lot less of my breast exposed than before.

I headed to meet some friends for lunch and showed them the top. They all agreed it was a great concept rather than trying to layer up (and who needs more washing when you have a newborn). I had no problem feeding in public whilst wearing it. I didn’t even feel the need to check who was about. There was nothing they would be able to see even if they did look. And like I mentioned, now the days are getting colder it was a godsend to not have to bare the majority of my upper half.

I would definitely buy the Bshirt due to how easy it is to feed with it on.

I’d like the straps a little shorter so I didn’t have to keep pulling them up and my bra wasn’t exposed. And maybe an option without the lace trim on the crop. It’s pretty but I like plain clothes so I can add a fancy cardigan or something.

I will be going out without a second thought about feeding in public when I’m wearing the Bshirt from now on.”


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