Review of ‘tape it and wear it’ craft book

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Reviewed by:  Vix and her 4 year old daughter

Tape it and wear it

What they say:  Duct tape has certainly come far since the days of being a quick-fix material that only came in the silver variety-and it’s a material that is being pushed further still. Although “designer” duct tape is relatively new, it is meant for a bigger stage-a fashion stage. This book presents 101 accessories that can be worn without someone knowing that you made them out of duct tape. It may be a piece that ties your outfit together, elevates a plain shirt or dress, or makes you a little more chic in the eyes of admirers.

What we say:  “The book gives some instructions on the different techniques that you will need to master, and then is split into four sections, 1) Bracelets, rings and things, 2) Head and neck gear, 3) Beautiful belts and 4) Crazy clothes. On first sight, most of these are things are aimed at adults/older children, and to be honest, there weren’t many things that I looked at and thought that we would wear it outside in the real world (the string bikini top definitely fell into this category)! There was also quite a bit of equipment needed, cutting mat, scalpel, metal ruler, and for some designs, hole punch (with different diameters for different designs), not to mention some duct tape!

Soon after receiving the book for review, my 4 year old was flicking through the pages looking for what we could make. She wanted a cuff bracelet, however, I didn’t have floral wire, nor wire cutters, nor pliers to hand – well we do own some of the tools but as they are in her daddy’s toolbox, they were unlikely to be in a clean enough state to create some jewellery from, so we started to look through to see what else we could try to make. You will note that there is an absence of photographs from this review, this is because I found that duct tape is a pretty difficult material to work with and my attempts at a bracelet weren’t exactly photogenic. When looking at some of the designs, it seemed a lot easy to recreate them in fabric or paper, without having to get out a cutting mat and scalpel. Also, I found that the colours of duct tape available in local shops was quite limited – although there were some lovely designs, they wouldn’t necessarily work when cut up i.e. there is a lovely owl design, but you would lose the effect if it was cut to make jewellery for example.

Overall, I thought that wearing duct tape wasn’t for us. However, I can see me pulling out the book in future years when we need to make the obligatory dressing up outfit for school, or perhaps to make some dressing up outfits for a playgroup.”


Tape it and Wear It is available from many good bookstores with an RRP of £9.99 and online at The Book People.

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