Review of Storyteller’s Illustrated Dictionary

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Reviewed by: Mojomums Kelly


What they say: The Storyteller’s Illustrated Dictionary is the first dictionary from acclaimed vocabulary and learning start-up Mrs Wordsmith. With 4,000 words it will help children aged 8 – 13 build their vocabulary and boost their confidence in reading and writing.

Using data driven word curation, and working closely with scientists, educators and lexicographers, Mrs Wordsmith mined children’s books to collect 4,000 key storytelling words, split across easy-to-navigate key themes, including Character, Action and Emotion. These groups, comprehensive enough for older writers and intuitive for younger learners, are designed to build and strengthen children’s vocabulary and allow them to become master storytellers.

As well as key words for aspiring writers, The Storyteller’s Illustrated Dictionary teaches students collocations (word pairs): combinations of words statistically likely to appear together in text and spoken language. Studies have found that knowledge of collocations has been proven to increase the quality of children’s academic written work.

The entries in The Storyteller’s Illustrated Dictionary are brought to life with illustrations from Craig Kellman, the Hollywood artist behind Madagascar and Hotel Transylvania. By tapping into children’s imaginations, the illustrations help young writers engage with the vocabulary, encouraging independent learning.

What we say: “I have 7 year old twins, and with their homework becoming more intense and demanding, a dictionary that they can navigate, understand and use is a godsend!

This dictionary is so different from the normal options. It is broken into six main categories; Action, Character, Emotion, Setting, Taste & Smell and Weather. Each section is beautifully illustrated and gives the reader so many ideas of words, including both detailed descriptions and also ‘word pairs’ that you can use alongside the main word to help really bring that word to life.

I love the featured nouns with their three ‘word pairs’; great for any imaginative and creative writing for your child.

Towards the back of the book is a word pair glossary; no word is left unexplained.

One of my sons immediately took the book and started to look through; he soon became so engrossed, reading new words aloud, laughing at the character descriptive words…


This is a wonderful reference source and one I am sure we will refer to over and over. Highly recommended.”


Storyteller’s Illustrated Dictionary is published by Mrs Wordsmith and is available online from Amazon.

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