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Reviewed by: Mojomums reviewer Sarah

What they say: STOMP is the show that has the world DANCING to a new BEAT!

For 25 years STOMP has been shaking things up across the globe, bringing audiences to life with its unique blend of comedy, dance and pure rhythm! Using everyday objects, the performers will have your toes tapping and your adrenaline pumping. Once STOMP starts, you won’t know what’s hit you.

What we say:  “When asked to review STOMP I really had no idea what to expect!  I had seen posters advertising it many times on the underground but that was all!

We, myself and two children 15 and 12 arrived at the Ambassadors Theatre, which is quite a small but intimate theatre.  The staff that greeted us there were very helpful and showed us to our seats which were in the stalls.  We were told the show was approx. 100 minutes without an interval.

The stage set was not at all fancy but made up of dustbins, brooms, sinks, road signs and various other household items which made it seem all the more intriguing.

Well, we weren’t to be disappointed the show was absolutely amazing.  It was high energy from start to finish; you could literally feel every sound through your body.  There was no music or speech throughout the show but it was certainly the one of the loudest we had ever seen.  The sound was created through the use of dance using brooms, dustbins and sinks.  It was phenomenal.

There was an element of humour, which was very cleverly done with the use of facial expression and audience participation, mainly involving clapping!  There were up to 8 people on stage at any one time.

You might think anybody can bang a saucepan but it takes someone talented to do it like they did in Stomp!

I certainly think that it would appeal to all ages and I would certainly not hesitate in recommending this show!”


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