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Reviewed by: Various Mojomums Reviewers and their babies

What they say:  Six effective solutions to help your little one breathe, feed and sleep in comfort. – Vapour Rub, Vapour Oil, Inhaler Dummy, Nasal Aspirator, Nasal Spray, Nasal Drops

What we say:

“My baby has been ‘snuffly’ since birth and I was recommended to use saline drops.  These drops are easy to use and cause minimum discomfort. I hadn’t thought to try Snuffle Babe Vapour Oil as well – a couple of drops in warm water in a bowl in his nursery just before bedtime have definitely helped.  The room smells lovely as well!”


“OK, I have to admit to making my partner use the Nasal Aspirator on our daughter! It was fairly easy to use – simply place where you can see the ‘blockage’ and then suck hard using the mouth piece!  Not for the screamish!  But very effective and far easier than tissue, cotton buds or a finger nail!”


“There is nothing worse than watching your little one suffer with a blocked nose and a cough! So I tried the Snuffle Babe Vapour Rub. Used exactly as you would use a decongestant on yourself, I rubbed it on her chest and back and it really helped her have a good night’s sleep. I also put some on the bumper around her cot to help. A really great product to help ease coughs and colds!”

“Snuffle Babe Vapour Rub isn’t too strong in smell and has helped my daughter get a better night sleep when she has been suffering with a summer cold.”


“The Inhaler Dummy is an amazing invention!  I wish I had know of it when my daughter was born!  Nevermind – it will certainly be in the medical kit from now on for my 7 week old son!  Simply add a drop or two of Snuffle babes Vapour Oil into the dummy chamber and while your child sucks, the vapour is released!  Probably only really useful if your child uses a dummy.  Love this idea!”


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