Review of Snazaroo Mini Theme (Halloween) Face Paints

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Reviewed by:  Mojomums reviewers Lauren and Amelia

What they say:  Snazaroo’s Mini Theme Pack combines favourite face paint colours into handy palettes to help turn your children into little monsters this Halloween! The pack comes with three colours, a brush, a sponge and an easy to follow 3-step guide including witches and vampires for Halloween!

All Snazaoo products are hassle-free to wash off and are suitable for sensitive skin types, while the face paints are fragrance-free and specially-formulated to be gentle on the skin.

What we say:  Lauren:

“My girls loved having their faces painted; it was really easy to use and I would definitely recommend it to everyone!

I’ve brought different facepaints before and the white in them was never any good but this one was brilliant!”

Amelia:  “The kit is quite small but looks good with attractive and colourful packaging and contains three facepaint colours; black, purple and white and a small brush and sponge.

There are three photographs illustrating the instructions to paint a spider Halloween face.  The pictures are small but easy to follow step by step.

The facepaint cakes were tricky to open. The cellophane was difficult to remove, but popping them out of the packet first then removing the plastic worked in the end.

The facepaint is very good quality as you’d expect from Snazaroo. It washes off easily and you get a good amount to do quite a few faces.  The sponge isn’t brilliant but you can get a good result with practice, not too much water and lots of blending.

The brush however is too big and the wrong shape for the intricate details. It doesn’t allow you to make a perfectly detailed facepaint. I would use another brush personally for a better result. It looked quite messy using the brush provided.

Overall the kit is fun and looks good. My daughter liked it and was happy with her spider face.

I would give it 4 out of 5.”

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