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Reviewed by:  Mojomums reviewer Joanne


What they say:  The Sleepybobo is A World First! It’s the only original portable unit that attaches to most existing car seats, swinging cribs, baby bouncers, rocker chairs, mosses baskets and gently bouncers / rocks your baby and helps them sleep

What we say:  “When I was first asked to review the Sleepybobo I was intrigued and ready to try anything that may help my 6 week old daughter to sleep!  My second daughter is much more demanding than I remember my first being, and as a parent to a toddler as well this time around, I have been struggling to sometimes settle Ava and it is not always possible to hold her and then put her down…

The Sleepybobo was fairly easy to put together (you do need batteries) and then off you go…! The giraffe’s head ‘holds’ onto the side of your car seat, baby bouncer or even crib and gently rocks them – hopefully to sleep!

The first time I used this Ava had had little sleep that day and I needed to get dinner ready, so I sat her in her bouncy chair and started off with the lowest setting (there are four speeds to choose from)… She was happy and actually settled well, but I moved up a notch and we found the second settling worked best for her.  I don’t have a crib but I imagine you would need the highest to make it move well.

The Sleepybobo is fairly noisy, not something that I had originally expected, but it was a ‘white noise’ and didn’t appear to bother Ava – more me!  I think you would struggle to watch TV at the same time as using it, but after my first success I have mostly been using it for during my kitchen time and I have to admit to popping Ava near the bathroom door so that I can have a quick shower in peace! Luxury that all new mothers will understand!

This is not the cheapest product for new babies at £84.99 but it saves on buying a vibrating chair, is small and easy to move around and can be used on many baby essentials that most new parents probably already have – and it certainly appears to work, well for my daughter at least!  And on that basis I give it 10/10 and would highly recommend it!”


The Sleepybobo is available from Innovative Baby Products – visit for more information.


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