Review of Secret Science by Dara O’Briain

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Reviewed by: Mojomums Kelly

What they say: Secret Science: The Amazing World Beyond Your Eyes explores the incredible science behind everyday life with Ó Briain’s trademark humour and style, alongside fun and quirky illustrations by Dan Bramall. Packed with fascinating facts that explore everyday conundrums such as, ‘why do we move around so much in our sleep?’ and ‘why atoms are responsible for your bad hair day’ to more complicated concepts such as ‘how have our brains worked out how to read these words?’

Dara Ó Briain loves the unusual, the quirky, the absurd – and this is clearly demonstrated in his second children’s book about the weird and wonderful world of science, making it a great read for curious children and even parents.

Ó Briain says: ‘I am thrilled to bring you another fun, silly science book for young people. After our journey to the limits of space in Beyond The Sky last year, this is a trip into those things that are very small and very invisible and very, very important to make our normal lives happen. Plus, exploding fish, farting cows and angry, angry electrons making your breakfast. It’s all here.’

What we say: “We have Dara’s first book aimed at children and love it and the second lived up to our expectations.

Dara has a way with words that engages and excites the reader – my son couldn’t get enough of it; reading parts aloud to me, asking questions, exclaiming to himself, laughter! Each page has fun pictures, facts and chat – even the different letter type to help key facts stand out from the page has been designed and thought of with children in mind.

The book explains everything from everyday activities such as sleeping and walking, to fireworks and gunpowder and so many things in between. A perfect book for any extraordinary young mind!”


Secret Science by Dara O’Briain is available from good bookstores from 6 October 2018 and online from Amazon.


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