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What they say:  It all began when a new mum forgot her tampons for the umpteenth time and had to return to the shops with an eight-month-old strapped to her chest, only to find they didn’t have her absorbencies anyway. Amidst all the faffing, she’d watch her husband’s contact lenses arrive, month after month, in tidy little boxes, until one day she hatched a plan…

Our mission is to ensure that women in the UK have the sanitary protection they need for the times they need it – and if we can do this in a light hearted affordable way, then so much the better.

sanitary owl

First Period Box – Full of the products, information and support a girl and her parent or guardian needs to have her first period. The pack includes guide leaflets, a book on puberty for girls, absorbent pants that can be worn during sports and activities, and a wide range of products suitable for teenagers. It’s been carefully curated and the guides written so as to ensure girls are exposed to the most important aspects of their period, and how to manage it.

What we say:  “A great kit to order for your daughter before her first period, with a wide range of products included.  We particularly like the book (easy to read and factual) along with the wallet to keep discretly in your bag.

This one off kit includes a range of various size and different types of products – perfect for your daughter to try and decide what works best for her…

The whole idea of Sanitary Owl is that you can pre-order your tampons, pads and liners to be sent on a monthly basis – so no running out or forgetting to buy!  A simple idea, especially good if you have a number of females in your home and the cost is not much more than purchasing from a store.”


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  1. aphmills says:

    Amazing, looks like it could be very useful for single dads!

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