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Reviewed by:  Mojomums reviewer Emma and daughter

ready for school

What they say:  With a child’s social skills and confidence topping parents’ list of concerns when it comes to starting school*, a new app has been launched to help equip pre-schoolers with the core skills they’ll need in Reception.

Using fun games, activities and parents’ own observations, Ready for School offers ideas and activities to help parents ensure their child makes the transition to school with ease.

The app contains sections on basic literacy, numeracy and phonics. However, as ‘school readiness’ also refers to softer skills – taking turns, concentrating and self-care – extensive emphasis is given to personal and emotional skills too.


Ready for School is authored by Paul and Ann Broadbent, two highly experienced teachers and advisors who have written in excess of 600 educational books.


Ready for School is divided into three categories – Personal (such as dressing and friendship), Attitude (including being considerate and concentration) and Learning (maths, writing and phonics). Parents are encouraged to work with children as they are asked a series of questions by the app. This allows them to use the activities as opportunities for discussion. The child or parent can then respond, either verbally or by interactive screen, to the questions.

Results are recorded in different ways, according to the questions, and analysed before being fed back to the parent. This builds up a cumulative score to give a whole picture of a child’s readiness for school.

If skills in certain areas need development, the app gives suggestions for further practical activities, such as specific card games to improve attention span, or role-playing ideas to increase confidence in communicating.


What we say:  “We love this app! I added a profile for my daughter, age 4, who is due to start reception in September and my son who is 3 and in pre-school. Both of them enjoyed the activities and I felt they both got something from them, although my daughter more so.

As a former primary teacher myself, I felt this was a useful app to gauge where your child “is at” in terms of readiness for school and would be helpful in identifying areas which may need focus and support.

I would highly recommend this app to anyone with a nursery age child.”


The app usually costs £3.99 but is available at £2.99 as an introductory offer until midnight on 29th February 2016. It is available to download from iTunes

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