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Reviewer: Amanda and her 3 year old daughter Bethany


Toy: Leapfrog Read with me Scout


What they say: LeapFrog, the leader in educational entertainment, today announced the availability of Read With Me Scout and Read With Me Violet, two new interactive plush puppies designed to build early reading skills. LeapFrog knows that children learn to read best when they are actively engaged. Developed by LeapFrog’s team of learning experts, Read With Me Scout and Read With Me Violet are innovations of the top selling My Pal Scout and My Pal Violet. They offer an interactive story time experience filled with learning activities that build early reading comprehension, listening and vocabulary skills. The Scout and Violet pals respond to every pet, pat, hug and kiss as they read stories aloud.

Read With Me Scout responds with fun audio designed to reinforce learning. Children simply press a button on the collar and choose one of five books. As the pals read them the story aloud, children build comprehension skills and early vocabulary. They also learn about the relationship between print on a page and the story as they turn the pages and listen to 70+ spoken questions and audio responses. Parents can switch Scout into Sleepy Time mode to select a read-aloud story or eight minutes of lullabies.


What I say: The puppy looks fantastic and the books are a great size and are not only numbered but they match in colour so are easily identified. My daughter loves Scout and he has already been taken out to the shops and to a restaurant as she won’t leave him alone! She loves the stories and songs and being asked to stroke his back or touch his head she looks really proud of herself when she gets it right.


Favourite thing: Watching my daughter interact with the dog and understanding when to turn the page etc.


Worst thing: She gets so over excited she sometimes cuddles and kisses him in the middle of a page and we have to start again! You can’t add to it so only 5 books.


Overall Comment: This toy has become an absolute firm favourite! She refuses to put it down and at night she takes him to bed.


Mark out of ten: 10/10


Questions for the mum

Did it keep your child entertained and for how long? Yes for days!


Was it what they were expecting?        It was better than I was expecting


Is the toy aimed at the right age group? It is aimed for 2-5 year olds, my daughter is 3 and adores it, I think a 2 year old wouldn’t be able to use it properly, however they would still like it talking to them!


Is the toy safe and durable? Did it survive a play session without breaking? Yes.


Additional comments: I really recommend this product, I purchased a dog for my daughter before that moved and barked etc. and it was very disappointing. This however is completely for her age, it keeps her engaged and she loves him, cuddling and squeezing him all the time!


Questions for the child

What’s your favourite thing about the toy? She just love cuddling him and following what he asks her to do


Would you tell your friends to play with the toy? Her friends came round and she couldn’t wait to show her new toy off, she was so proud of it!


Is there anything you don’t like about the toy? Nothing!










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