Review of Razor Dirt Scooter

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Razor Dirt Scooter

Tested by: Helen and her 9 year old son Max


Product/Toy Name:  Razor Dirt Scooter (RDS)


Price: £149.99


What they say:  The RDS bridges the gap between scootering and BMX-ing, making it the ultimate scooter for anyone looking to take part in the latest craze – freestyle dirt scooting. Developed for dirt jumps and multi terrain parks, the Razor Dirt Scooter takes the rider from the streets and skate parks and onto off-road terrain and dirt bike jumps for the first time ever. With its huge pressured tyres, it’s fast and responsive, yet light enough to master tricks.


What I say:  My son Max tested the scooter along with all the other children in the street.  The general opinion was that they all loved it!!  Its hard to compare it to either a scooter or a bike.  It outshines a scooter due to its durability on rough terrain, speed and suspension.  But compared to a bike it does not have the speed to keep up, and ability to do as much.  Price wise, its closer to a bike, however scooter fanatics do seem to pay more for the best product on the market.

 We often take the bikes to the woods to do a bit of off-roading, my son took the Razor dirt scooter instead and had a great time going over all the rough terrain.  However he did struggle to keep up with the bikes.  Given the choice, he said he preferred the Razor scooter over his bike.


Favourite thing: Don’t feel all the bumps, feels really safe and gives confidence to go fast and jump higher!!


Worst thing: Quite heavy compared to a normal scooter, but can do so much, not a really an issue.


Overall Comment: “Best scooter in the world, can I keep it!!”


Mark out of ten: 10/10


Questions for the mum

Did it keep your child entertained and for how long?  Yes, hours


Was it what they were expecting? Much more


Is the toy aimed at the right age group?  Yes,


Is the toy safe and durable? Did it survive a play session without breaking?  Yes


Questions for the child

What’s your favourite thing about the toy? Don’t feel the bumps


Would you tell your friends to play with the toy?  YES, all my friends had a go a liked it


Is there anything you don’t like about the toy? Not really



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