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Reviewed by:  York House School


What they say:  Cubetto is the friendly wooden robot that will teach your child the basics of computer programming through adventure and hands on play. Montessori approved, LOGO Turtle inspired.  Made of tactile and hard-wearing wood he’s your child’s guide into the world of coding. Screenless, friendly and ready to play.

Coding Blocks – A coding language you can touch and manipulate like LEGO®. Each block is an action and you combine them to create programs.  Place the blocks on the board to tell Cubetto where to go. Hit the blue button and Cubetto executes your very first program.

Expand play time with world maps, educational story book and challenges that take your child on epic coding adventures.

What we say:  “York House has been given the opportunity to trial a new ICT resource called Cubetto. This delightful game introduces young children to STEM learning (Science, technology, engineering and mathematics) using hands on coding skills.

cubetto 3

The children are introduced to a wonderful character named Cubetto and are faced with the challenge of programming this friendly robot to move to a goal location found on the grid map provided. This bright and exciting goal mat is narrated by an activity book which tells you where Cubetto would like to go next. This activity book includes questions about the locations Cubetto travels to and gets the children thinking about different routes they can create to help Cubetto arrive at the correct destination.

cubetto 2

The nursery children have enjoyed working with Cubetto on a Friday and some Reception children also had a go at trialling this resource.  They all found the colour blocks fun to use however remembering which command (forward, left, right, or loops) for each block was a bit tricky. We decided we could create a poster key to help us with this in the future.

cubetto 1

Over all we thought this was an excellent resource and if we could improve this product in any way, it would be that the company provided more coloured blocks to use when creating our set of instructions (algorithms).”


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