Review of Phyto-fit – real fruit and vegetable powders

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Reviewed by: Mojomums Kelly, Emma and their children

What they say: Phyto-fit fruit & vegetable powders are simply real whole food fruit & vegetables. They are then freeze dried into powder form, this meaning all the water is extracted from the vegetable, leaving just its powder which is full of all the nutrients & goodness from before.

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What we say: 

Emma says “My children both love fresh milkshakes so I have been adding a teaspoon of the strawberry Phyto-fit to these – extra goodness, extra flavour and I know the kids are getting extra vitamins as well – so a happy mummy.  I have also added the Phyto-fit carrot powder in a home-made soup – at this time of year the whole family needs as many vitamins as possible.”

Kelly says “Both my boys eat plenty of fruit but like many young children, vegetables can be a different story so I have been adding the Phyto-fit Super Greens Powder to as many meals as I can!  I have found it easy to add to bolognaise and easy to hide in pesto pasta too, which is a favourite in my household.  I am happy with knowing that the boys are getting a few extra natural vitamins – although I am still offering the real veg as well! This is a great option for those ‘picky’ and ‘fussy’ children that so many of us have!  And personally I have been adding the baobab powder to my morning smoothie – I love the boost of flavour!”


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