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Reviewed by:  Mojomums Kelly

photoshoot 4


What they say:  We’re a photography company dedicated to capturing amazing photos of you, your family and events through life.  At Photographic Synergy we aim to provide a world-class photography service producing the highest quality imagery delivered with passion, knowledge and last but not least, a sense of humour. Our photographers work as a team, hand picked for the session or event to ensure you get the best in care and attention.

What we say:  “When asked if we would like to review an entire photo shoot, from start to finished product, I jumped at the opportunity!

I have not had any professional photos taken of my twin sons (now aged four) and I had high hopes that, unlike myself, the photographer may be able to get even just one or two shots of the boys both looking in the same direction, ideally smiling and without their eyes closed!  No easy task…

I booked an appointment and was emailed details including ideas to think about before our shoot – bring clothing changes, toys, ideas of what I would like the final images to look like…I must say, there was no ‘hard sell’ from Photographic Synergy and they were extremely flexible, especially as we had to cancel our appointment a couple of times due to coughs and colds.

On the day itself, our photographer (Emma) was great at keeping the boys engaged!  The studio was large enough to cater for all size of family and there were props ready to use, to hopefully get that perfect photo…

Emma had the boys running around, jumping on giant beanbags, cuddling favourite toys, catching bubbles, playing hide and seek – they had a ball!  I have to admit I was a little concerned that they would not listen or behave, but Emma was able to move them quickly from one task to the next so they were not bored and were happy to smile!

photoshoot 2

Our session lasted around 40 minutes, but obviously if you have young babies or older children or even just more family members that you want included, then you may be there for more like the whole hour.

Three outfit changes later and we were finished.  I immediately booked our ‘photo viewing’ appointment for the following week – I couldn’t wait to see the final images…

On viewing day I was looked after by Jess, who was extremely energetic and enthusiastic about showing me the final product.  The viewing lounge was comfy with a large screen to see every detail of your image – to make sure you chose the perfect picture for your home.

Firstly, Jess showed me a slide show of every image taken, colour and black and white.  We then went through each image with a fine tooth comb – taking out those that I immediately discarded, picking the ones I loved and putting any I was unsure of to one side.

photoshoot 3

Prices were discussed and every image on the wall in the studio has a price on it – I can honestly say that I did not feel pressured in any way to make a purchase, however when visiting a photographic studio and taking the time to have your photos taken, I am sure most people would be planning to buy at least one image to display.  I personally found the prices to be very fair and actually slightly less than I was expecting – all frames and images can be tailored to your choice; there was definitely something for every taste and budget.

I chose to go for the digital package option including all images taken for a cost of £845.  Now I have the option to send images to family and friends as well as print my choice of size for displaying at home. If you chose just 3 digital images they cost only £365.

photo shoot 1

Presentation Print folders start from £60, desk frames from £100 (7”x 5”), Wall canvases from £295 (up to 18”x 14” canvas) and wall frames from £350 (14”x 10” or 12”x 12”) – please note all sizes refer to the print itself, rather than the frame.  All good value I am sure you will agree.

Our photo shoot resulted in a few images that I absolutely love, a few that I think are good but that I wouldn’t hang on the wall, and a few that just weren’t quite right (that’s always going to be the problem when wanting photos of two or more children – one or the other will have their eyes closed, an off smile or just not quite look like ‘themselves’).

photoshoot 5

Overall, would I do it again? Definitely!  And I wish I had marked some of the boys past special occasions with a few professional photos (just after their birth and first birthday…).  Did I think it value for money?  Yes, you don’t head to a professional photographic studio without expecting to make a purchase, and I do think Photographic Synergy offered great value for money.  Would I recommend them?  Yes, and now I will let the images do the talking and you can decide what you think….

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