Review of personalised children’s book, Wonderous Ink

47 votes, average: 3.47 out of 547 votes, average: 3.47 out of 547 votes, average: 3.47 out of 547 votes, average: 3.47 out of 547 votes, average: 3.47 out of 5 (47 votes, average: 3.47 out of 5, rated)

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Reviewed by:  Tracy and her 2 year old grand-daughter Talia



What they say:  Our books are designed to create magical experiences using a unique blend of print and digital technology that kids will treasure. Children have great fun receiving and reading their personalised books and then continue the enjoyment online using the book as a special key to unlock a Wonderous World of learning.

Our debut book, Wonderous World, is one of the most beautifully illustrated and conceived bespoke children’s books, where the letters in a chosen child’s name become part of the adventure. This exquisite keepsake makes a really personal gift to fire mini imaginations now and beyond.

What we say:  “Well what a wonderful book; the illustrations are lovely and simple and very colourful.  My granddaughter is only 2, but loved to find the pictures of the animals and then make the noises. I do think the book is probably better for slightly older children though.

wonderous ink reading

The story starts with the little girl or boy, your chosen childs name, returning home from school – my granddaughter is so funny and at first kept saying ‘Talia no school’ and for this reason I do think the book would be better for children who do attend school or even nursery.

Because the book is quite long, we kept losing her concentration and I also think some of the words used at the end to describe the child’s name are too grown up, as at the end of the book when the name is found each letter is used to spell out another word, some words used were INGENIOUS and ASTUTE, which a small child would not understand.  But again, this could be used as a learning tool for a slightly older child.

I do think it is a lovely personalised book that a child can treasure forever, with the added bonus of having a special key at the end enabling you to go on line, where you will find an extra bonus story for your child and games to play.”


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14 Responses to Review of personalised children’s book, Wonderous Ink

  1. Christine Hurley says:

    I have to disagree with the negative comments. I ordered a book for my grandson’s birthday. It was delivered sooner than the stated date! I am very pleased with the quality, very thick pages. I am sure my grandson will have this book for many years to come. My daughter is expecting second child and I can’t wait to order one for new baby. Thank you.

  2. Dorina says:

    Ordered on 26th October 2018 for a birthday. Still not received as today, 19th November 2018. Not recommended, they do not meet the deadlines, do not respond to emails or messages. I just want my money back.

  3. Isabel says:

    Not recommended, do not meet the deadlines that they said, do not respond on time, even after ask them a couple of time by email the time to the delivery, and wash hands like Pontius Pilate.

  4. Hedra Hornby says:

    My book has not arrived.

    What the hell is going on?

    Extremely disappointed.

    I want a refund immediately.

  5. Double ewe says:

    Ridiculous. 2 months have elapsed since I placed my order. Book never arrived. No tracking number. Why am I paying fees for shipping when you simply throw the package in the mail?

  6. Stephanie says:

    Arrived on time. Good quality paper and illustrations aren’t bad, but the rhyming text is poor. It has not been well thought out and some don’t scan well.
    Stories cobbled together. Not worth the money.

  7. ana pascua says:

    Wow, I’m worried. I haven’t received any additional updates from their support. I want to wait as this is a christmas gift for my daughter. I just hope to receive some notice from their staff.

  8. Dianne Playter says:

    Yes the books were late in coming, but the results were worth the wait. Couldn’t be happier with the product. Brought it to work and several people will be getting one for their grandchildren. Thanks so much for a great book.

  9. Alexandra Chapman says:

    Obviously if you have a long name you will get a book with more pages. Is that correct?

  10. Naomi says:

    Very disappointed with the delivery method. Said it would be delivered in 7-10 business days……..well I’m still waiting almost 2 weeks later. Looks like from other similar reviews, my children and niece will NOT receive their Christmas gifts on time.
    Tried to get a hold of the company, and no reply.

    I will NEVER promote this company!
    Did anyone have luck getting refunded? Would be interested to know.

  11. Cheryl Bryant says:

    Want to order a couple fit grandkids. However the reviews all say the same thing…issue w delivery time. Why don’t you have tracking for the packages which makes the buyer more comfortable??? Very disappointed and want to order for gifts Can I get a tracking if I order??
    Cheryl Bryant

  12. Lindy Moran says:

    Ordered on November 24, 2015. Still not received as of January 4, 2016. DISAPPOINTED.

    • Ilanda says:

      I also ordered in dec and still have not recieved my books yet and one of them was for a birthday party today. Very disappointed with this service! No tracking for the package either on wonderous ink end. Will not be promoting these books. How can i when mine havent arrived.

  13. Lindy Moran says:

    Ordered on November 24, 2015. Still have not received them as of January 4, 2016. DISAPPOINTED.

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