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Reviewed by:  Ciara, her husband and 2 year old daughter

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What they say:  Come and join Peppa and her friends for another all-singing, all-dancing adventure full of songs, games and muddy puddles!

What we say:  “My husband and I took our daughter (aged 2) to see Peppa Pig live in London’s the Criterion Theatre on Friday 5th December. She is a huge fan and avid watcher of the programme, this was a brilliant first theatre experience for her. From the moment we arrived she was wide eyed and in awe of all that was around her, Peppa Pig was everywhere. She just loved seeing the posters and then got very excited to get a program. It was a child friendly program with stickers and colouring sections which I thought was a nice touch. She was then attracted to the merchandise table, pointing at all the Peppa and George plush toys. She was very pleased with her new light up spinning Peppa wand.

Although, of course, the theatre was very busy, I think the staff did a great job of helping parents and children in and to their seats. Bearing in mind that most families had prams or buggies and that the theatre was not originally designed to accommodate these, there were plenty of staff on hand to help out and carry buggies down the stairs to the designated storage areas. It was well organised and thought out. As has been my experience at all West End theatre shows, the staff were very friendly and helpful.

There was a great atmosphere in the auditorium. Children everywhere were buzzing with anticipation and excitement. My little girl was not quite sure what was going on but was bouncing up and down on her seat feeding off the energy in the room. The moment the Peppa Pig theme tune played and the narrator spoke my girl sat bolt up right and looked at the stage expectantly.

peppa pig live

Daisy did a great job right from the start engaging the children, involving them with the games, singing, dancing and most importantly jumping in muddy puddles, which my daughter loved. Sitting in the stalls area quite close to the front, we had the added surprise of being splashed during the show. Great fun! I think the addition of her character was well thought out and certainly brought great energy and enthusiasm to the show.

Our little girl was very excited by all the character puppets, calling them by name as they each appeared on stage. She has a particular fascination for Mummy and Daddy pig. The cast were excellent, singing, dancing and jumping around with their puppets. They were all brilliant, but I think the guy operating Daddy Pig was particularly good. I think he got the voice and character’s humour down to a tee.

The show flowed from start to finish. I think the length of the show was spot on. At about half an hour for each half with a fifteen minute interval. Coincidently, we actually happened to watch this particular episode that morning. If I had just one small critique, simply it would be great if more characters from the cartoon were in the play. For example; Mrs Rabbit, Grandpa and Granny Pig.

This was a fabulous production of the cartoon. My girl loved every moment from start finish particularly the songs. We had an absolutely wonderful and memorable time. My little girl has talked about it ever since. Meeting the cast was was a perfect end to an incredible afternoon!”


Tickets are on sale at the London venue of the Criterion Theatre until 4 January 2015 – visit for more details.

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