Review of Part Star Part Dust by L. M. Valiram

Reviewed by: Mojomums reviewer Gillian

What they say: A millionaire, a widow and a monk. A plane crash. In Part Star, Part Dust, the poignant and unforgettable debut novel by L.M. Valiram, three destinies are linked for eternity in a tale narrated by Time. Meet Radha. She was left in a dumpster on the side streets of Mumbai to die as she was born; premature and undernourished. Meet Mira. At sixteen she is to marry a man she has never met before. On her wedding day, she carries a knife. And Gaurav. People say love is more important than money. But what happens when having one means you can’t have the other? Scattered across India, these three are intertwined in unlikely ways: the flower shop owned by Mira’s husband employs Radha’s boyfriend, Mira and Gaurav become partners in business and most importantly, an ill-fated trip to Delhi links them all in death and life. Set in the sensuous worlds of Bombay and Delhi, Valiram’s dazzling novel explores the deep meanings of love, family, and time.

What we say: “A really interesting debut novel, this book takes three individual tales and links them over time. The surroundings and situations the characters find themselves in are richly described; I was transported to the searing heat, bustling hubbub and arresting scents of India!  The characters day to day lives are explored, across many decades alongside their thoughts and feelings.

Part Star Part Dust is clearly written and drew me in to the tales of the three characters from the outset, and then I enjoyed the book through to its close.  This book’s strength is in the telling of the tale, and as such I felt the ending was rather predictable.  But overall it’s a very interesting and enjoyable read and I look forward to further works from the author.”


Part Star Part Dust is available from many high street book stores and online from Amazon.

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