Review of OXO Tot Transitions™ Soft Spout Sippy Cup

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Reviewed by: Mojomums reviewer Kirstie

What they say:  This cleverly designed sippy cup will grow with your child from 4 months to 12 months, as it transitions into a big kid cup. The sippy cup comes with removable handles, so when your tot is ready to grasp the bottle they can get a comfortable grip. Once your little one is ready to drink without the aid of the spout, the lids can be switched to transform the bottle into a training cup. A clear disk covers the opening to dispense a steady flow of liquid, teaching your tot how far they should tip the cup. When they reach the final stage, the disk can be removed to transform into an open cup trainer, allowing them to drink like a big kid. Also available with a hard spout.

What we say:  “Getting my 8 month old daughter to drink water has been impossible.  9 different cups without success!!! On receipt of the OXO TOT training cup it looked like some we’d tried before but on closer inspection we noticed the holes in the soft spout were longer than usual, allowing more fluid out when drinking, yet sealed appropriately to stop any leaks.  We liked the look and design of the product, especially the cap covering the spout, although found the lid difficult to twist off for refilling the beaker.

We gave my daughter the cup full of water and to our surprise she drank a substantial amount of fluid from it.  She was able to hold and tilt the beaker herself using the handles (something she had been unable to do with other beakers).  So overall a success!

I also have a 2 year old so thought I would try the training cup lid on him. He drank from the cup fine although the plastic disc allowing controlled free flow drinking was not held in place, also it doesn’t have a lid which would be helpful for transporting the cup with liquid in.  The handles can also be used with this setting too to help the transition from beaker to cup.

Over all I think it’s good as a training beaker although the lack of transportation lid would stop me using it after the soft spout was no longer required.”


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