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Reviewed by:  Mojomums follower Kelley

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What they say:  OVIO is the first range of organic olive leaf based premium food supplements and better choice low calorie soft drinks.

Our Daily Plus supplements contain organic olive leaf and organic botanicals such as:

– calendula,

– beetroot, and

– green coffee bean.

These are designed with specific health benefits in mind to help you feel full of life.

What we say:  “I looked into the ingredients before taking and was more than happy to give this drink a try. Organic, wholesome low calorie and suitable for vegans. I also found from looking on the net the benefits of the olive leaf are different to those of olive oil which comes from the actual olive – so if like me you see this drink and your brain is automatically linking it to olive oil and what we know of it’s health benefits it may be worth doing a little research also.

I took the recommended daily dose of Ovio over 7 days.

You can mix it or drink neat. I mixed it the first two days into my daily goodness/protein shake and couldn’t taste it all. I tend to use my nutribullet once a to whiz up lots of things together. However adding this new ingredient did make me feel a little queezy for half an hour or so after drinking. I’m not sure if this was because it was something new or I have a sensitive stomach (I don’t think I have) or because it didn’t mix well with other ingredients. So while taste wise pretty much tasteless this way, day 3 I decided to drink the Ovio neat which was better for me. Taste wise I thought it was fine,slightly bitter but not unpleasant. For me I preferred to take it this way. Describing the taste further, it tasted like it was good for you.

Towards the end of the 7 days I got a couple of spots which is usual for me when detoxing (I don’t usually get spots) – so I definitely believe Ovio has got detoxing properties. I think I would need to continue to take longer to see if my skin made a definite improvement or if my energy levels were higher, immune system improved etc.

I have tried other detox,energy boosting health drinks, suppliments and products before now, I guess you could say I’m one of those people always aiming to bit a bit healthier. Aloe Vera gel is another daily drink type suppliment I have tried out before now. I think I was expecting Ovio to be more like that in the way I felt definite benefits from that a lot quicker, one being not craving caffeine and sugar for an energy boost.

I may try Ovio again as it does contain good ingredients, I’m pretty sure my skin would have felt the benefits and higher energy levels, while I didn’t actually notice too much in 7 days, it is always attractive to a working mum who relies on a few strong cups of coffee a day for a boost!”


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