Review of Oregon Scientific Smartglobe Exploration

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Reviewed by: York House School (children age 4 to 12 years)

What they say: Travel the globe and explore the Solar System with the worlds first open Smart Globe. Smart Globe Explorer takes young adventurers on a journey of planet Earth and the Solar System utilising the latest Augemented Reality technology.

Use the Wireless Talking Smart Pen to explore the globe and discover many useful and interesting facts about the world and universe we live in. The Interactive Activity Panel contains more than 42 fun and educational activities and games, such as multi player challenges or find and compare mode.

The SmartGlobe is easily updatable through a PC via USB cable ensuring you will be kept up to date with real word changes including leaders, news and other interesting facts. (1 year’s updates included).

This cleverly designed globe also opens up to reveal the Earth’s core and the Solar System, which can be explored using both the Smart Learning Pen and also cutting edge Augmented Reality content.

Use your tablet or smartphone to activate a dedicated App that will unlock amazing interactive 3D Augmented Reality features, including landscapes, animals, landmarks, dinosaurs and even the Solar System.

With three age range settings: 5 to 8, 9 to 14 and 15+ the SmartGlobe Explorer grows up as your children do too. You can swap between age settings as often as you like, to allow all family members to enjoy the SmartGlobe at the right level for them.

A pull-out tray with a local map allows children to explore the United Kingdom & Ireland in greater detail.

What we say: “The globe itself is very well made and is of a high quality. It is very sturdy and even when used by multiple children it does not wobble and or get knocked over.

The use of the space shuttle to find locations was a real hit as it made it more fun and interactive than a plain stylus.

The sound effects are great, the music and way it increases in pace as the time counts down, all add to the excitement when being used by the children.

There are so many different settings and different games, the time spent using this resource is endless. It was tested by children from age 4 to 12 years and every age group loved using it and has requested to play and learn from it again.

The battery life is excellent and we have yet to charge the pen. The only down side is that you have to be very accurate in positioning the pen, which can add to frustration when the country has clearly been touched but does not register especially in the games setting.

It is a valuable aid to support children in their global locations throughout their primary school and early senior school years.  The amount of information is immense and the way it opens up to allow learning and recall about the solar system is a wonderful addition.”


The Oregon Scientific Smartglobe Exploration retails for £129.99

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