Review of Night Driver by Marcelle Perks

Reviewed by: Mojomums Julie

What they say: Heavily pregnant Frannie is facing a crisis. An English woman living in Germany, her marriage is failing, her language skills are hopeless, and she feels like a fish out of water in a foreign country.

In a positive effort to tackle her problems she learns to drive so she can cope when her baby is born and build a sense of independence. After passing her driving test she drives in the early hours of the morning to gain experience on the eerily empty streets.

But when she encounters a Polish motorcyclist looking for his missing sister, she becomes sucked into a terrifying world of shady nightclubs, autobahn prostitutes and organ trafficking. And when she crosses serial-killing truck driver Stigelegger, there’s no turning back.

A most unlikely heroine, this nervous Night Driver must stay one step ahead of her pursuer on the darkest of roads in order to survive.

What we say:  “This book is not my usual read but I’m so glad I was chosen to review it.

Frannie, a heavily pregnant English woman living in Germany, feeling totally isolated being unable to speak much of the language and with a husband who has lost interest in her since she became pregnant and her marriage on the rocks she decides to learn to drive to build up her independence for when the baby is born.  She passes her test and at night takes her husbands car while he’s asleep to gain experience on the quiet night roads.

Whilst learning to drive she has an encounter with lorry driver Lars who tailgates her. Lars we learn more about as the book goes on.

On her nightly drive Frannie meets a young Polish motorcyclist, Tomek,  who is looking for his sister Anna.  Frannie is attracted to Tomek and they arrange nightly meets to find his sister until one night when Tomek doesn’t show up and is missing. Frannie then goes to Dorcas for help.

Dorcas is a prostitute and Anna’s friend. Dorcas works for Lars and Hans, who co-own a nightclub that offers drugs and the services of prostitutes. Lars and Hans are lovers, Lars is a truck driving serial killer making money from bodies disposed of; Hans enjoys the services of the women they employ.

Frannie gets sucked into a shady world of prostitutes, drugs, organ trafficing and twisted serial killers but this unlikely heroine manages to stay one step ahead of her pursuer.

A real gripping read!”


Night Driver by Marcelle Perks is available from many good book stores and online from Amazon.

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  1. Thanks so much for sticking with my book and reading to the end!



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