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Reviewed by:  Mojomums reviewer Allison

What they say:  MyHummy was created to help babies sleep. The idea of a white noise toy came to a new mum during one of many sleepless nights. Sat next to her son’s cot, hairdryer in her hand, she imagined encompassing the sound in a teddy bear. And so myHummy was born! Having teamed up with a talented designer and a production expert, all of them parents, they set out on a journey to create a unique sleep aid for babies. White noise, emitted by myHummy toys, has a soothing effect on babies and helps them sleep better by masking other sounds. Newborn babies are not used to silence. In their mum’s tummy they were surrounded by sounds and feel more at ease with the right amount of background noise. Babies associate white noise with warmth, comfort and security.

What we say: “We’ve been using the myHummy bear for 2 weeks now on our 5 week old boy. White noise is suppose to be the key for soothing newborns to sleep and I can’t argue with that thanks to myHummy bear!

There’s a small battery operated sound speaker which is simply set up with a few clicks of a button and then zipped up inside the bear. The speaker can still be managed via pressing the bear’s tummy.

There are 5 white noises to choose from; heartbeat, rainfall, vacuum cleaner, rolling waves and a hairdryer. We’ve tested each sound and the clear winner is the waves, for both my little boy and hubby!!

MyHummy bear can be set up to automatically switch off after playing a sound for 60 minutes which one less job for a sleep deprived parent to do!! The bear can also be programmed to automatically switch back on for another hour if the baby starts to stir or grumble. I don’t remember not waking up to the sound of crashing waves over the last few weeks!!

I have previously tried white noise apps via my phone and found they have several flaws compared to the myHummy bear. The apps would automatically switch off after hour, so I’d have to fumble around with my phone to get them playing again, while probably also getting caught up in the charger, which is not a problem with the bear.

The myHummy bear is also small and light so can easily be brought anywhere if needed, it will be a changing bag essential for us!”


myHummies range in price from £39-£59 and are available from

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