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Reviewed by:  Mojomums Kelly


What they say:  Specializing in private Disney VIP tours, My VIP Tour promises to make your entire trip an incredibly, amazingly, extremely, extraordinarily special experience!

At My VIP Tour our goal is to give you the ultimate, stress free vacation.

This means building a close relationship with you and discussing all of your expectations. Every family is unique so we want to know exactly what kind of experience you are looking for, what shows, rides and characters are important to you and your children and what restaurants you would like to visit. Then, we take those requests and create a fully customized itinerary for your entire stay. This includes setting up VIP transportation to and from the parks, making dining and show reservations, giving Private VIP Guided Tours inside all of the major Orlando theme parks, and doing anything else that you need to make your vacation in Orlando one to remember.

From years of experience in the Orlando area we have the inside scoop on the best restaurants and entertainment, the best times to experience certain attractions and shows within the parks, and the ability to get you to all of those places in the most efficient way possible.

Say goodbye to theme park maps and long lines and enjoy a true VIP vacation!

What we say:  “I was lucky enough to experience a My VIP Tour guide for three days within the Disney theme parks in Orlando; Animal Kingdom, Disney Studios and magic Kingdom.

Our first guide for the very first two days of our holiday was the amazing Sam.  I was unsure what to expect (would we get on, would the boys like her, would our day be too military in style for us?) but Sam put our minds as ease and fitted in perfectly!

We had already explained what our number one priorities were, advised which rides and experiences were our families ‘must do’s’ and Sam had taken this all into account.  She knew the park inside out and swiftly led us against the flow of visitors, to the quieter area of the park where the rides had absolutely no queues first thing in the morning!  Fast Passes had been utilised for later in the day when My VIP Tour knew that queues were at their longest.

If one of your party does not want to go on a particular ride, no problem; Sam looked after one or the other of my twins a few times for us, so that we could still enjoy a ride!

Lunch was ordered by Sam while we watched a nearby show; no queuing for this family!

Sam also was more than happy to tailor our day as the hours went by and she learnt more about us as a family.

We left Sam that afternoon when our pre-organised 6 hours were up and we planned to meet her bright and early the next day at Disney Studios…

On arrival here Sam had managed to arrange a real treat; we were to be First Family of the day and open the park, with none other then Donald Duck!

orlando 4

The boys were thrilled! We were thrilled! We were given a Fast Pass each for any ride that day – so Sam was also thrilled!  I know that this would not have happened had we not had Sam as our guide that day!

After that dizzy opening, we raced to the Jedi Training area to sign up and arrange our return.  Here your child can challenge the menacing Darth Vader to an epic lightsaber battle, but you must register before the show and spaces go fast!  Sam knew exactly where to go (we would have been consulting a map and would have missed the prime slots) and we were the second family there!

These are the differences that having a My VIP Tour guide can offer…

We had an amazing day; front row seats to the Indiana Jones stuntshow, no queuing for Star Tours, Toy Story Mania or any of the other rides and shows that we enjoyed.

Our final day including a guide was our first family visit to the Magic Kingdom and our guide for the day was Oli.

Oli brought a totally different dynamic to the day and the boys loved him!  I think Magic Kingdom is really the park where the guides come into their own; it’s the busiest by far with the most rides and attractions, alongside the parades…how would our day here differ with having a guide?

Oh my, in ways that I didn’t realise!

With absolutely no queuing, Oli ran from ride to ride booking our next fast pass and planning our next experience while we enjoyed the previous ride!  We were able to go on everything that we could have wished for, had front row seats for the show and parades, had lunch arranged and a prime table saved, ice creams appeared as if by magic at just the point when you thought you might fancy one!  Oli had the day nailed and we took full advantage of his experience and knowledge!

Now, booking a My VIP Tour guide is not a cheap option – there is no getting around the fact that this does cost a pretty dollar or two, but I honestly can say, hand on heart, that I believe it made our holiday experience better than it would have been without.  Both guides were absolutely amazing, in what they knew and did for us each day and also in themselves; they obviously love their job and it shows.

If you are limited on time visiting the parks, if you really don’t want to have to queue but want to experience everything that Disney has to offer, if this really is a holiday of a lifetime and you want that extra special experience then head over to My VIP Tour and say that Kelly from Mojomums has recommended you – you never know, a little extra Disney Magic may head your way!


If you are holidaying in Orlando and would like to find out more visit



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