Review of My Story: Suffragette by Carol Drinkwater

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Reviewed by: Mojomums reviewer Abigail (age 9)


What they say: What would you risk your life for? To the women of England, not being able to vote means not counting as a real person… Do you expect to vote one day? To have a voice in how your country works? Well – in 1909, only men get a say! That’s how the rotten system works. But some brave women are sick of being second-class citizens. Like Dollie Baxter – a teenager swept up in the fight for the women’s vote. She’s among ten thousand campaigners who march against Parliament, led by Emmeline Pankhurst. But when the protest turns violent, Dollie must decide how far she’ll go…

What we say: “I have just finished reading My Story Suffragette by Carol Drinkwater. The recommended age is 9 – 12 and the genres is diary fiction.

I found this book really enjoyable and it taught me a lot about what the suffragettes went through. This book kept me really engaged and every night I couldn’t wait to read this book. One of my favourite characters was Flora because she really cared for Dollie even when Dollie was doing the wrong thing.

The book made me feel proud to be a female because now everyone is equal and I can’t wait to be able to vote. I would definitely read more books by Carol Drinkwater.”


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