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Reviewed by: Mojomums Sally

What they say: Our colour name labels come in a wide range of designs and colours, but are made of different materials and have different uses.

Colour stickers are designed to stick to hard surfaces and clothing care labels. Therefore they have 1000s of uses for children (school uniform, shoes, toys, school stationery: all back-to-school essentials!) and adults (in the office, mobiles phones, golf clubs, etc).

Our personalised labels for clothing and other items have a unique combination of high quality label material and a special adhesive that makes our labels stay on much better than any other label on the market. We have tested a number of materials extensively and in the end we chose a custom material that no other nametags company is using. It stays on better than any other labels we know of, and still maintains the flexibility to bend around bottles or around the edges of lunchboxes.

What we say: “These stickers are perfect for school uniform; I haven’t had any fall off or unstick, they even stick to the inside of shoes.

At £11.95 for 56 coloured stickers, that you can design yourself (or rather, your child can design!), I think they are great value. I don’t imagine that I will use all 56 in one school year either…

A top tip that I have learnt over the years is that if you have more than one child, then just have your surname printed on the labels; that way you can share the sticker sheet between your children and also when handing clothes down… Obviously this does depend on your surname and the other children in your class, but as you can choose the background colour, design and text, I doubt very much that anyone with the same surname would have the exact same stickers!

We love the Little Miss characters and the Little Miss Inventor on our stickers is perfect for school!”


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