Review of Marsh Farm Father Christmas Experience 2017

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Reviewed by: Mojomums Lauren

What they say: We’ve added even more magic and more surprises to The Father Christmas Experience at Marsh Farm this year.

From passport control at the start of your journey, it’s time to learn your efl-abet and graduate through the Elf Academy.  Next stop is to meet Mother Christmas to decorate a gingerbread before entering the Snow Show for a flurry of surprises. As the children enter Santa’s Grotto they’ll have to be checked on the Naughty or Nice list before meeting the real Father Christmas all the way from the North Pole.

But the excitement doesn’t end there!

The children then enter the toy workshop to make a special furry friend to take home before more surprises in the Toy Shop and Post Office in our own Elf-ville.  You’ll then be magically transported back from Elf-ville to Marsh Farm filled to the brim with amazing memories, gifts galore and an experience that is one of those moments in their childhood that you’ll share for evermore.

Our elves, Father Christmas and all his family and friends  look forward to sharing an awe-inspiring experience with you.

What we say:  “Myself, my son Jesse and his best friend Grace, along with her mum, attended Marsh Farms Father Christmas Experience on Saturday 18th November. We arrived at the entrance which was very Christmassy and had lots of Elves waiting for us, they showed us through to the meeting point for the tour. On arrival my son and his best friend received their passports and a candy cane. The elves gave us a talk about the tour and who we would see first. They sang some Christmas songs and taught us how to do the Elf Wave, which the kids loved! Leaving here the children got their first ‘Snowie’ (Elf money)…

We were then lead as a group to the ‘Elf Academy’, it all felt very Christmassy! We were greeted by two elves on stage.  They spoke about the joy of Christmas and all the hard work that goes into making toys for the ‘good’ children! They got all the children involved with singing and then they taught us the Elf Promise; ‘I promise to be the best Elf I can be, to be kind and caring for everyone to see and to keep the spirit of Christmas in my heart’.  They engaged all the children really well. Once finished the children received an ‘Elf Diploma’ and had their passports stamped and were given another Snowie.

We then went on to the Snow Show. We took our seats and were greeted on stage by another Elf who spoke about the magic of Christmas and then introduced us the Polar Bear ‘Earland’.  She spoke about polar bears and how her and Father Christmas found Earland as a cub and took him back to the forest and raised him there. During this the other elves gave all the children a wand. The elf on stage asked if all the children could help them make it snow by waving their wands in the air, all the children waved their wands around and it magically started to snow! Grace said, ‘Look Jesse, SNOW’ and spun her arms around trying to catch the snow!

The children got a chance to have their photo taken with one of the Elves. They were then given another Snowie and told they would get a chance to spend their Snowies in Father Christmas’s shop!

Next was Mother Christmas Kitchen where Mother Christmas came and spoke to all the children and gave them an apron as they were going to decorate a gingerbread man. Jesse and Grace loved decorating the gingerbread man with icing and sweets although Jesse was finished before we moved on to see Father Christmas!

We were lead through a winter wonderland with snow, glitter and reindeers to Father Christmas house. The children were allowed to go through their own small door; inside was made to look like a village road with small houses, trees, a small train, lots of presents and Christmas trees! The children were called in small groups to go and see Father Christmas. While the other children waited the Elves made balloon animals.

Jesse and Grace were called for their turn to see Father Christmas. An elf lead us to a big door where Grace got to use the knocker, where we heard ‘come in’! Jesse and Grace were so excited! Once inside, Father Christmas said to Grace ‘ I hear you to dress up as a princess’ and Grace looked at her mum and said, ‘how does he know?’  Father Christmas then spoke to her and asked her if she’s been a good girl, which she replied ‘Yes I have Father Christmas!’ It was then Jesse’s turn, he was a bit hesitant but went through and sat on my lap next to Father Christmas. He said to Jesse, ‘ I hear you like cars’, Jesse smiled. We all had a photo taken and myself and Gemma were given a box of toffee for being good girls! Yum!

Upon leaving Father Christmas, the children were given a chance to choose a teddy bear (for free), stuff the bear and choose an outfit (priced between £10-£20). The elves asked Jesse and Grace to stuff their own bear, pick a coloured heart, make a wish and give it a kiss and they will the put it in the bear!

We then went to the toy shop to spend the Snowies that Jesse and Grace had collected along the way. Great choice for all ages of children, there was something for everyone! Jesse chose fire engine building blocks and Grace chose some make up!

You then have a chance to buy your photo from your visit to Father Christmas, we got a mounted photo for £7. We were also given a voucher for a free hot chocolate. Overall a great a day had, fantastic for all ages!

We had two exhausted toddlers on the way home and some magical memories made!”


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