Review of Magic Aqua Crystals Deluxe Design Studio

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Reviewed by: Mojomums reviewer Karen

What they say: Just add water to make endless crystal creations with the Aqua Crystals Deluxe design studio. With everything you need to make sparkly rings, hair accessories, dream charms, necklace pendants, bracelets, key rings and other magical creations. The possibilities are endless. To start simply choose your mould, fill with the colourful magical crystal to create a unique design, then simply add water and wait for your creations to be revealed. These sparkling crystal accessories are ideal to experiment and accessorise with. Perfect as gifts for your friends or keep for yourself! suitable for ages 6+ years.

What we say: “My ten year old daughter couldn’t wait to set this up and give it a go. We found the above YouTube video to assist her as she wanted to do everything herself…

There appears to be a lot included in this set; 6 Magic Aqua Crystal colours, 5 charm moulds, gift boxes with stickers and wrap, all needed to make and prepare your products! And then the actual items you can make; 3 rings, 2 hair slides, a key ring, bag tag, necklace and even a charm bracelet – so much!

To make the crystal, you choose which mould you want to use and then add the crystal colour along with water, wait for a minute and voila! Your crystal should be ready!

Obviously not as easy as it sounds and it did take my daughter a few tries to get the hang of the machine – and also to remove the crystal from the mould without it breaking and disintegrating.

You do have to wait a few hours before adding the crystal to your choice of jewellery, so we decided to batch make crystals instead!

As with all of these types of projects, the real fun for your child comes from the making and preparing rather than the finished product, but all in all a good gift and one that we enjoyed using.”


Magic Aqua Crystals Deluxe Design Studio costs £24.99 and is available from many high street toy stores and online from Amazon.



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