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Reviewed by:  Mojomums Amanda

What they say:  Meet Lumie Bedbug – a unique sleep aid for babies and young children.

Bedbug offers fully adjustable bedside lighting to change, feed and settle your child ready for bed. Whether you have the light dimmed down low or bright for bedtime stories, Bedbug emits white light with almost none of the stimulating blue light that might keep them awake.

What we say:  “Once past the initial baby stage, my youngest son had always been like a light switch in going to sleep and we had an ongoing joke at how brilliant it was that he could roll over and be asleep within seconds. Then suddenly at the age of 7 1/2 he started getting worried about being left on his own and scared of being in his room and had great difficulty in getting to sleep. He also was waking two or three times a night where he’d want one of us to lie with him so he could get back to sleep. He had resorted to sleeping with a full light on which I was not happy about as it omitted such a bright blue light and when we went in during the night it was blinding and I could understand why he would be so alert as he had no idea of what the natural light should be. Something had to change as we were all becoming exhausted!

We unpacked the Lumie Bedbug and my son loved the cute face and different light settings, especially the natural dimmer. When reading a bedtime story we would have the light on its full setting and on leaving his room we would dim it. When I went to bed myself I would dim the light to the orange nightlight which gave a lovely warm glow. The first four nights we used it he slept through and we rejoiced about feeling human again.

Unfortunately this hasn’t happened every night but he has been waking less and the orange glow has allowed us all to go back to sleep far easier than the bright white light we had on previously.

I would recommend the Lumie as a lovely fun looking and functional light. My child enjoys using it and it seems to have definitely allowed us several better night’s sleep so the whole family are benefiting from it.”


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