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Reviewed by:  Mojomums Kelly and Mojomums reviewer Alexis

fruit bowl

What they say:  Fruit Bowl have recently launched their Little Fruit Bowl range which includes two types of snacks, Fruity Fingers and Sticks. There are four flavours to choose from within the Fruity Fingers range and three flavours of Sticks and contain no added sugar. The two ranges are aimed at toddlers aged 12 months+ and can be found currently in Tesco in the baby food aisle – for 60p per pack.

What we say:  Kelly: “My children have always loved the various Fruit Bowl snacks, from when they were babies exploring finger foods to now as four year olds who are always hungry!  I am more than happy to allow them to snack on these options as they are healthy and easy to keep in my handbag.

Soft and chewy, yet with small pieces of rice in them, the sticks are about an inch long, so perfect for little fingers.  They flavours were sweet (no one noticed there was carrot mixed in with the orange!), however the tomato one was met with raised eyebrows!  “What’s this Mummy?!” – urm, strawberry…???  No, they were having none of that!

One favoured the Raspberry option, the other the Apple – but all were devoured and will definitely continue to be added to my shopping basket.  Healthy snacks for on the go!”

Alexis: “My two daughters aged 7 and 3 took on the challenge to try out the new Little Fruit Bowl fruit sticks/fingers.  We have previously had and enjoyed fruit bowl yoghurt coated strawberries and strawberry flakes, so we kinda knew what to expect.

The new flavours, aged from 12 months are:

Raspberry Sticks (with puffed cereal)

Apple Sticks (with crispy rice)


Sun-dried tomato


Carrot and Orange

The general consensus is that they are all quite nice and a good easy snack, although not as appealing as the original range.  The “sticks” are longer in size than the flakes, and a little more padded out. Our favourites by far were the Raspberry and Strawberry. The other flavours didn’t really taste as they’re listed, and if you put them all in a bowl together you wouldn’t really taste any difference.  In particular the apple didn’t really taste like apple, it had a strange almost gelatin like taste.

The tomato one was the least favourite by everyone in the family. The taste was very bland and it didn’t fit at all with the idea of the snacks.

Would I buy these for my kids? Probably not, as I would prefer to go for something a little more natural and without the gelling agent, or stick to the yoghurt coated flakes as they are more of a special treat.”


Little Fruit Bowl is available from Tescos

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