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Reviewer:  Julie, her husband and their three children


What they say:  We are the only full-motion F1 car racing similator in the UK.  Our full motion, professional F1 race car simulators feature a booming sound system, creating an atmosphere that simply has to be experienced to be believed. Our F1 model offers speeds of up to 200mph to give you a real rush, while developing enough downforce to keep you flying round the track when you get to those tricky corners.

Our blacked out sim room comes alive while spectators can sit in the grandstand to watch the races unfold, making you feel like you are part of a real formula 1 race. Down on the illuminated grated floor, our 10 networked sims allow drivers to experience a wide variety of circuits, meaning you can race on the same tracks as the real racing stars.

What we say: “I’ve always wondered what it would be like to be in a car travelling at speeds of up to 200 miles per hour!  I’ve watched countless people on the TV screaming half in terror, half in excitement, as they’ve hurtled around a track at break neck speed, but my sensible, accident fearing side has always prevented me from finding out for myself.  So, when my family (three children – Alex aged 11, George aged 9 and Evie who’s 8) and I got the chance to attend LetsRace, the first and most advanced Formula 1 racing simulator centre in the world, we jumped at the chance!

The centre was really easy to find, just off the M25 near Gatwick with plenty of parking.  On entering it looked just like you’d imagine an F1 teams HQ to be, all stark white with a real racing car as it’s centerpiece.  We were greeted by Matt, our expert for the day, who gave us the tour and explained how our experience would work.

We were lead into the briefing room to be shown a video by Martin Brundell, explaining how the simulators worked and how F1 teams actually use their software and equipment for practice – it was all starting to feel very real!!

The three children and my husband were shown through to the GT area where the under 12’s ‘drive’.  The set up was amazing with paddle shift gears, stop start pedals and the same software that the real simulators use.  21 qualifying laps later and with a lot of very helpful guidance from Matt they were off on their race!  It was great that they could all race against each other and everyone’s competitive side came out – especially when my husband was beaten by Alex and Evie on the last lap!

F1 part two

Then it was off to the full motion simulators for me, my husband and Alex who qualified to join in being over 1.5m tall.  We climbed into our simulators, laid back and waited for our cars to be calibrated.  Then we were off!!  It took a few laps to get the hang breaking and using the shift paddles to change through the 7 forward gears but once we got the hang of it, what a thrill!!  My heart was racing and with each lap I was determined to beat my best time – plus I could see from the wrap-around screens how far I was behind the others!

The motion of the car was amazing, you really got a grasp of what the acceleration, steering, breaking – and crashing – might feel like!  Although fortunately, being complete novices, our simulators were turned down to only 15% of the real thing, but that was plenty for us!

Our opinion of LetsRace?  Well, ‘awesome’, ‘sick’, ‘cool’, ‘amazing’, ‘when can we go again’ and ‘can I have my next birthday party here’ were just a few of the phrases we heard for the rest of the day!

This is a very professionally run centre which offers a very unique and immensely enjoyable experience for a great price. As a family we had a great time and we could all join in, but it is also great for kids’ parties and for team building or treats for the workplace – with 10 simulators and a Grandstand for spectators the atmosphere is amazing!

We would all thoroughly recommend this experience.  They offer a range of experiences for all ages and abilities, the staff couldn’t have been more helpful and they even do vouchers for Christmas!  The experience was one we will remember for a long time – we can’t wait to go back!


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