Review of Lalaloopsy – Cake fashion doll

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Lalaloopsy blonde cake doll

What they say:

Lalaloopsy girls are taking cake couture classes! Decorate their dress, hair, and shoes with fake frosting! Clean them up and decorate them again and again.

There are two dolls to choose from Candle slice o cake with blonde hair and Fancy frost n’ glaze with pink hair.

What I say:

My 5 year old daughter loves Lalaloopsy! As an adult I struggle to see the same appeal but then I guess that’s why I’m not their target market! When I told her we had to review this Lalaloopsy doll she was ecstatic! This doll is cake inspired and you can put the fake frosting all over them and then wipe it off and start again. It has little presses to make flower shapes for the dress and you can add glitter or “frosting” to create your own designs. For a child that loves these dolls, loves making a mess and loves wiping it off and making more mess you could not find a more perfect toy! Not only has this inspired the Christmas list to grow even further, it has also encouraged her to want to bake more too, so we have been making butterfly cakes and cookies too!

Lalaloopsy blonde cake doll 2

Best bit:

Bethany loves showing everyone her design and then starting all over again! It gives another dimension to just a doll – it encourages artistic play as well as role play with the doll itself.

Score out of 5:

We would give this doll 4 out of 5, Bethany would give it 5 but I have to clean up, bake and hide smaller pieces form my younger daughter!

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