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Reviewed by:  Mojomums reviewer Lisa and daughter Lola

insect emporium

What they say:  Open up this treasure trove of insects and immerse yourself in a wondrous collection of creatures as nature unfolds around you.

Hidden amongst the foliage you’ll spy splashes of purple, orange, yellow, green and blue as a cloud of grasshoppers spring into action. And as you wander through, listen out for the buzzing of bees and the flitter of wings as caterpillars transform into a flutter of moths and butterflies. Then pause to admire the twinkling from the fireflies and glow-worms, and remember that your magical journey into this enchanting secret world has only just begun . . .

This beautiful collection of insects contains a limited edition print of Dawn Cooper’s gorgeous illustrations, sumptuous gold foil on the jacket and engaging information, making it a glorious gift book that will appeal to anyone.

What we say:  “I have a deliciously grubby, outdoorsy, bug-loving 5 year old daughter named Lola, so when ‘Insect Emporium’ came up for review I knew she would be the perfect candidate for the task!


Mummy says: “This is a good quality book which is beautifully illustrated.  It’s full of interesting bug-facts and it would appeal to a broad age range of children and possibly young teenagers as it is well written and is definitely not aimed at the baby/toddler market.  I really enjoyed reading this with Lola, some of the vocabulary is fairly challenging and younger children would require some degree of assistance with it.  Overall it’s a great reference book and I would definitely recommend it for any children who have a keen interest in nature”.

Lola says: “I like the ‘insect record breakers’ page and all of the ‘amazing insect facts’. I hadn’t even seen or heard of most of these bugs and some of them look really, really amazing – especially the Chan’s Megastick stick insect and the Violin Beetle.  I liked reading this with Mummy and I really love the drawings a lot, I think the illustrator is very clever.  I have definitely learnt a lot more about insects!”


Insect Emporium is available from many good bookstores and online from Amazon.

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