Review of I’m Going to Nursery (My Tiny Book) by Stacey Turner

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Reviewed by: Mojomums reviewer Suzanne

What they say: Simply put, if you have a young child, you need this book to support his or her journey as they begin and experience nursery. Having this book will enable you to talk about the fine detail your child finds in the illustrations and be guided by them.

Separation anxiety is very common among babies and young children, but this fact alone doesn’t make it easier for anyone to cope with! The good news is that it usually subsides by three years old! However, it’s during this timeframe that little ones are likely to start pre-school or nursery, and it can be tough for the parent and the child when anxiety levels are high.

Stacey Turner created the My Tiny Book series to support children AND parents going through major changes. The first book launched for new-starters in September 2017 is I’m Going To Nursery. The second book, I’m Going To School, will launch in mid-2018.

Our little ones are just so tiny still and trying to leave can be very upsetting for parent and child. Separation is the hardest and is a big deal. What happens when we show our little one over and over that being without mummy at nursery is not so scary. Maybe your little one will discover that being brave leads to friendship, fun and days full of adventure.

My Tiny Book encourages your child to settle as it offers reassurance from you.

What we say:  “This booked arrived at a perfect time for us, as my almost 3 year old Summer is going to nursery soon. The book explained all the things that you can do at nursery from making new friends to singing happy birthday and using little toilets. Summer was so excited there was a ‘lunchtime’ too that she wanted to go to nursery straight away – I promise I do feed my child! We both liked the interactiveness of the book – I’d had a quick flick through before reading the book and was ready with a few pictures, the pritstick and some colouring pencils. If there is a I’m Going To School, then I’d definitely get that when the time comes. Thank you for letting us share this book.”


I’m Going to Nursery (My Tiny Book) by Stacey Turner is available from many good bookstores and online from Amazon.

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