Review of How to Have an Outstanding Career by Susan Scott

Reviewed by:  Mojomums reviewer Ellie

What they say:  If you want to be the best, but maintain your wellbeing as well, then this book is for you. ‘How To Have An Outstanding Career’ will provide you with the knowledge and tools to: Define who you are; Use your strengths to the full; Establish your pathway to success; Ensure people recognise you for your talents and the great job you do; Leave you energised and motivated by your career; and Remain happy and healthy and full of energy.Using the concept of a ‘resilient career’, this book has the power to ignite you and give you the capacity to cope with the challenging times you are likely to experience.

What we say:   “A useful book giving direction, lots of quick exercises to help analyse goals and set/reset your career path.  It’s called the Young Professionals Guide, but actually I think it would help professionals of all ages looking to review and set a positive direction to their career.

My friend’s daughter is currently working through some challenges with regard to university and not getting the placement she wanted.  The exercises in this book have helped her look into what she wants from her future and helped her realise there is often a different approach you can take.”


How to Have an Outstanding Career by Susan Scott is available from Amazon.

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