Review of How To Get Back Your Mojo by Ann McCracken

Reviewed by:  Mojomums Sarah

What they say:  Mojo is a quality that attracts people to you, making you feel successful and full of energy.

It’s a GREAT feeling!

Scientist Ann McCracken is an authority on the topics of stress, well-being and resilience, and believes she has found a way to get your MoJo back on Monday morning, or indeed any other day of the week.

In this inventive new book, How to get back your MoJo, she brings her scientific and medical research background to simplify recent leaps in knowledge of Neuroscience which have clarified the mind-body connection.


This book presents a unique way to consider taking control of your reactions and your health.

What we say:  “A great little book; have to confess I’ve not read it as well as I should have done, too busy, too tired, stressed etc…bad mojo I need to address!!  It’s a good book as its small with quick paragraphs and isn’t like some massive self-help psychological bible!  It gives useful hints to relate to you personally, rather than setting some big, perfect, generic goal to aim for and also includes a list of inspiring role models who themselves have achieved great things and overcome challenges, e.g. Richard Branson overcoming Dyslexia to become a highly successful business man.

The sections on the effect of health gremlins and the negative impact of food, addictive technology and social media was really good to alert your self-awareness to what a bad effect these things can have on your wellbeing and how to avoid falling into these traps.  It reminds you how to take control of your reactions to get the best outcome, even in a challenging situation.  You CAN control your life!!!”


How To Get Back Your Mojo by Ann McCracken is available from many good bookstores and online from Amazon.

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