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What they say:  HiPP’s new range of baby care products have been specially developed to be free from anything sensitive skin doesn’t like and to minimise the risk of allergies.

With a unique ‘no tears’ formulation this new range has been carefully developed to make every bath gentle, soothing and kind to baby’s skin. Now parents can truly enjoy the moment when bath time is free from nasties. Only the kindest ingredients can be found in the range, minimising the risk of allergies and guaranteeing a gentler, softer wash every time.

The products are free from ingredients like PEG and parabens, and are specially suited to your baby’s ultra sensitive skin.

What we say:  Lynzie “Both my girls (17 months and just turned 6 years) love having a bath, and they would spend hours in there if they could! Both have sensitive skin, so I am wary of using new products on them.


My eldest daughter isn’t overly keen on having her hair washed due to getting bubbles in her eyes, or the shampoo not smelling nice etc. So we thought we would give HiPP Baby Shampoo a try. The shampoo had a wonderful smell to it, which instantly impressed my daughter and she allowed us to wash her hair with it, she even got a little bit in her eyes and she didn’t complain like she usually would, just asked us to wash it out. The shampoo seemed to create the right amount of ‘soap’ in their hair and it washed out very easily and both girls have had a lovely shine to their hair all this week! I would definitely buy this product again to use on both my daughters hair.

Foaming Hand Wash – this was by far our favourite product and it is a must have for any household! It comes in a duck dispenser which both my daughters adore! It has a cute little duck face in which the foaming soap comes out of.

Both my daughters were able to use this product with ease and it has really upped the hand washing in my house! I had a sneaky try of the hand wash too and its a very nourishing and doesn’t dry your hands out at all. Its great you can buy refillables for the duck too, so your not having to buy a new ‘duck’ each time you run out of the soap – which may be very quickly in this household the way they are wanting to wash their hands at every opportunity, just to use the duck!

This is a great product which will teach my girls, especially my youngest, independent hand washing and I would thoroughly recommend the product to my friends and family.”


Andrea “HiPP soap?! I thought they did baby food! was my thought when I first received these products. HiPP Baby Foaming Hand Wash and Good Night Baby Bath, not a jar of baby food anywhere to be seen!


I actually don’t have a bad word to say about either of these products. The Goodnight Baby Bath is lovely: smells nice and clean, hasn’t irritated my 4 year old or baby’s skin and has made lovely bubbles in my bath (which is an achievement as we have very low water pressure!). The bubble bath claims that it has sandalwood fragrances to help them settle – I’m not sure about that, but after using it myself I didn’t have any trouble sleeping!

The Baby Foaming Hand Wash is also great. The duck-shaped pump part with the soap coming from the ducks beak is cute – and has encouraged my little boy to wash his hands just so he can pump the ducks beak! If that wasn’t exciting enough, my little boy was thrilled when a load of white, fluffy bubbles came into his hand (instead of our usual hand soap!). The hand wash has a nice, clean smell and is nice to use. Plus the refills are great too!

So, not a bad word to say about either product!”


Bridie  “I turned 40 this year. The year I turned old. The year my laps became more dog than dance. A year (in between gin induced whines about the injustice of not being born a year later) I also become a mother for the second time. And as I’d fantastically managed to time them to be only 18 months apart, it was year that I performed a master class in neglect. Tha’s right eyebrows, you are no longer alone in the cold wind of my wavering attention, turn your hairy eyes towards your owner and behold as she haemorrhages time in spectacular fashion. Honestly I lit-trally do not know what I did with all my time and money before children. How did I not bury myself alive in its avalanches? Instead I have puke in my cleavage, eyebrows that might fight each other and a ‘can’t do’ attitude to giving everyone the attention they duly required.  This semi shambles of existence wasn’t such a disaster until I became aware I  had invited neglect to the smallest passenger’s party with a heat rash made worse by washing him um…lets just say, less than socially advised.

So with a new bottle of HiPPs Baby Wash I uncovered the layers of social services are on their way and got this wash a-working!

As you probably know, washing a tiny baby is massively tricky. First attempts had  involved my husband grappling this small sack of potatoes which has become extremely slippery while I helpfully shrieked at him, convinced it about to meet an untimely aquatic end. Sack of potatoes is also really hard to hold and will also be hugely protesting your abilities just so you can enjoy feeling rushed and panicky.

Henceforth this is not a ‘hey lets hang out and share the good times’ sort of situation. So full points that HiPP came with a pump action top! It made it so much easier to administer the required amount rather than raging at a bottle as you inexpertly squeezed an unsuitable amount.

The scent was lovely and not chemically at all. It lathed up and washed off easily.

Overall it was just nice. Very nice. Just very nice all over. Baby was clean and mama was calm. A nice wash over everyone…”


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