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Reviewed by:  Mojomums reviewer Carolina


What they say:  HAND CHEMISTRY’s Retinoid Complex brings a next-generation innovation in Vitamin A technology to the world of beauty. Introducing your most effective retinoid compound without a need for prescription, Hand Chemistry’s Retin-Oil Complex is a multi-vitamin dry body oil, which targets scars, stretch marks, aging dehydrated skin, surface irregularities and discolouration, to show a difference to the skin’s surface in just two weeks. Our super dry oil formula helps skin look smoother, and visibly reduces pore size and wrinkles without causing irritation. This innovative complex also includes Vitamin C to help improve collagen production and sun-induced ageing. A unique blend of skin enhancing Amazonian oils leave a dry and happy protective barrier on the skin’s surface. An oil-derived Deep Sea Algae Complex targets stretch marks. Over time, there is a general improvement in skin’s visible condition and texture.

What we say: “I can tell you that at the beginning I was very skeptical about this product. I had a baby two years ago and I always looked after my belly with moisturizer, although by week 38 the horrible stretch marks made their appearance.

retin oil - day 1

Day 1

So when I received the Hand chemistry Retin Oil I looked for it online; I read good reviews but the price seemed a bit too much for me (£18-£20) …anyway I started using it and I liked the smell, a bit like orange and the texture was great, not too oily and it absorbs quickly, it doesn’t stain so it didn’t ruin my pajamas (I put it every night before going to bed)!

Day 3

Day 3

I like the packaging; it looks very professional and if I saw the product in a shop I would trust it just by its presentation, it doesn’t look cheap, it looks expensive.

retin oil - day 5

Day 5

Would I buy it again? – Yes

Would I recommend it?-Yes

Did it work? – I can see that my stretch marks have faded a bit.

Is the product easy to use?- very easy, it is just oil.

Is the product worth the price? – I would say yes , however I would like to try it out one more week and see the results to have a better answer.

Would I recommend it to pregnant women?- not sure,the directions are quite basic. It doesn’t say if it’s suitable for pregnant women …. in fact it doesn’t say much when you compare it to other brands i.e don’t put in eyes or certain areas of your body.”


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2 Responses to Review of Hand Chemistry Retin Oil

  1. Hifaza basheer says:

    Hi there,
    Was just wondering if your stretch marks faded with continued use ?would much appreciate an update with a picture.thanks much in adavance,

  2. Lesley BrosterKinch says:

    Just brilliant!

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