Review of Good Night, Baby Moon light up board book

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Reviewed by:  Mojomums reviewer’s Tracey and Sally

What they say:  A special bedtime story that follows a family of curious rabbits on their nighttime walks to explain the phases of the moon, with a charming design that includes a light-up LED moon.

When we first meet the family of rabbits in Good Night, Baby Moon, the moon is full and shining bright, but as the days wear on and the nights come and go, the baby rabbits ask their parents why the moon looks different and worry as it disappears and loses its glow. Their parents reassure them that all will be well and that soon it will be back, for this is not farewell.

This delightful story teaches little ones that the moon will always return, and is a fun and exciting way for them to learn. The sweet illustrations and light-up moon make it the perfect gift and will cause little ones to swoon.

What we say: Tracey: “We absolutely loved the front cover and we were really excited to get stuck in. We were able to ‘light up the moon’ by pressing the button on the front of the book and it looked so pretty, especial in the darkened bedroom.

We started reading, and it seemed such a special book. The pages were quite thick, but my quick, rough calculation that there must be at least 10 pages (leaves) couldn’t have been more wrong. After 4 pages, the book abruptly ended, and I soon realised that over half the depth of the book was taken up with technology so that the front page lit up so beautifully.

The ‘story’ was short, but sweet, teaching us that the moon will always return. Great first impressions, but a little bit disappointing.”


Sally:  “I read this book to both my 2 and 4 year old children. The LED light which lights up the front cover captured their attention and it created a lovely nighttime feel to the start of our story time.

The rhythm of the book ensured a nice pace to the book, which was not too long for a bedtime story for my toddlers. A sweet story about a family of little bunnies who are fascinated by the changing phases of the moon.

I particularly enjoyed the use of the scientific vocabulary to name the different phases of the moon. After reading this story on several nights, both my children now enjoy looking to see which phase the moon is in and my toddler was pleased to tell his daddy , “look crescent moon, daddy”, needless to say Daddy was rather impressed!

Overall, I would happily recommend this charming night time story book for children ages 2+, it certainly is a hit in our home!”

Good Night Baby Moon is published by DK and available from many good high street bookstores and online from Amazon now.

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