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Reviewed by: Mojomums reviewer Rachel

What they say: Make slime fashionable with Glam Goo.

Mix confetti into the goo and create fashionable accessories.

Customise your way with the scent and colours included.

The Glam Goo theme pack includes fluffy slime and two accessories to decorate and fill with goo. Mix the dance mix beads and rainbow party confetti to create textured goo that’s great to fidget with. Fill the keyring pendant and bracelet for a really cute look. Also comes with scent and two different colours to add.

What we say: “We tried the Glam Goo Confetti pack. This came with one pre-made pot of slime, glitter, beads, peach scent, a bow bracelet and teddy bear.

My daughter liked the fact that the slime was pre-made after many attempts of making it at home!

It’s good that you can follow the suggested combinations of glitter and beads or do your own. This pack also comes with a pink and gold shimmery powders which were nice and my daughter enjoyed mixing them both to make an orange colour, to match the peach scent which was lovely and you get plenty of it, as with the glitter and beads.

We found then slime extremely sticky and it was hard to work with; we got it all over our hands! We added some bicarbonate mixed with water as suggested but it was still very sticky. In the end we split the mixture so that we could work with a smaller amount in a bowl and eventually we managed to get it so that we could handle it but this was quite hard work. The weather has been very warm at the time so I’m not sure if this affected it at all.

All in all my daughter enjoyed the product and said she would buy it as she liked the look of the other packs.”


Glam Goo is available from many good high street stores and online from Amazon.

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