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Reviewed by:  The Mojomums team


What they say:  Fruit Bowl’s new Picked and Pressed range is a convenient fruit-based snack that helps to encourage youngsters to develop a liking for fruit flavours while providing much needed energy in a school lunch box or at the end of a school day. Fruit Bowl Picked and Pressed products have no added sugar and are also a high, natural source of fibre which makes them very different to other fruit based dried foods. This is thanks to the inclusion of milled flaxseed which is part of the recipe creation behind Fruit Bowl’s® Picked and Pressed range. Flaxseed is naturally very rich in fibre and does not interfere with the texture or taste; vital for any dried fruit based food for kids. Plus, fibre such as flaxseed, is a great satiety ingredient which will not only help fill up a ‘little one’ but it will keep hunger pangs at bay.

Fruit Bowl® Picked & Pressed Fruit Bars (RRP £2.00 for a pack of 4 individually wrapped 19g Bars) are delicious fruit bars shaped into 5 segments for easy eating that can also be divided into smaller pieces.  These natural bars have a slightly firm texture on the outside with a moist, fruity centre.

The Picked and Pressed Bars are available in three delicious flavours, strawberry, orange and apple and pear.

Fruit Bowl® Picked & Pressed Fruit Bites (RRP £2.00 for a pack of 4 individually wrapped 19g packs of Bites) are tasty fruit snack packs with a selection of 6 different Bite Shapes following a garden theme (leaf, ladybird, snail, bee, flower and owl).

The Bite shapes are thinner than the bar for a crisper texture, with each piece being approximately 1.5 grams in weight, so that’s about 12 little Bite shapes in each pack.


What we say: “I am a fan of Fruit Bowl snacks – I like that they are the perfect snack size for young children, healthy and full of fruit, and have no added sugar so I was keen to how these new snacks went down with my children…

Two out of three of the triplets preferred the Bites.  We tried the mixed berry flavour which were delicious!  The fun shapes made them a little more exciting too!

The bars are definitely ‘heavier’ snacks and fairly chewy.  Perfect school lunch box snacks to keep your child going through the day…”


For more information and to view the full Fruit Bowl range visit

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One Response to Review of Fruit Bowl Picked & Pressed snacks

  1. Chris Armitage says:

    One taste and I’m addicted. Definitely hope there’s an offer on these soon to stock up!

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