Review of Fear Busters from Katie

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Day 56 – savings of £313!!


Well I think we might have cracked it! Since I last wrote up my first review I have had 2 more visits to see Lauren.  In between the first visit and second a fortnight later I felt very strong, I had a few doubts between my second and third visit which was 3 weeks later, but nothing major.  I had always wondered will this be for good; even though I am feeling strong willed and happy with myself will this be the last time I try giving up?  But on my last visit we covered this and I feel more confident than ever before.

Since then I have been in many social occasions that involve my Achilles heel of cigarettes (alcohol)! But I have felt stronger than ever and even when I have had plenty to drink and would let my barriers down my mind and will have stayed up and strong and I’ve declined offers to even join smokers.

I have walked past smokers and found the smell very unpleasant, more so than ever before, it really does not appeal to me, and in my state of mind I feel I have accomplished the battle of smoking and don’t see myself as a smoker any more the future is looking healthy.  I am also tracking my time of no smoking with an app by the NHS that counts the days and money saved this is not my main drive or reason for stopping but its great to see the funds I have saved and not spent on such an unhealthy habit.

I would like to say thank you to Lauren for helping me with this battle that has faced me for 17 years.

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