Review of Fear Busters for quitting smoking by Katie

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Katie wanted to stop smoking and so decided to try Fear Busters to see if Lauren could help! HEre is her review from her first session:


First ETP session – 21/10/2013


I was apprehensive to start, I didn’t know if tapping therapy would cure me wanting to smoke.   Also my main worry is giving up but actually being able to stop for good. During the session I had cigarettes with me, Lauren asked me to smell them in-between tapping therapy, strangely the smell got weaker and the cigarettes smelt less and less.


Lauren helped me to realise why my smoking had become a security addiction to me and this I realised was because when out with friends who smoke and I don’t want to feel left out, but I’m not enjoying what I used to be able to enjoy, and feel slightly deprived.  This made me realise my connection with cigarettes and smoking.


After the session I felt quite light headed I had a knot in my stomach when I left, I got home and the feeling went after a short period.  I didn’t feel I wanted to smoke it was a strange sensation.  I went to sleep that night quite well, but woke up at 3am.


The next day I was positive and not wanting or feeling any need to smoke, that evening I felt slightly stressed and upset like I wasn’t under the ETP feeling/therapy and wanted to smoke, but it passed I slept well but woke again in the night.


The third day was fine I was relaxed again, but had a strange night’s sleep again.


I noticed I was more relaxed, traffic didn’t stress me out and make me want to light up like I used to I felt more calm.


I have continued with my social life as normal, and have been around smokers with alcohol and in noramally in this environment whilst socialising with friends I would normally light up but I didn’t.  This has been two weeks now and I am having my second session soon, I will be sure to let you know how it goes.


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