Review of Fear Busters by Julie

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To say that I was scared of flying was a huge understatement – I was terrified.  The prospect of getting on a plane filled me with fear and dread, even looking at a plane in the sky made me start to shake. under three hours which can be quite restrictive!


I’ve tried hypnotism, I’ve tried herbal remedies, I’ve tried prescription drugs and I’ve tried alcohol, none of which have helped.  So when I heard of Fear Busters, I thought ‘what have I got to lose?’, plus with a girls holiday to Marbella in three weeks time it was a great chance to give this therapy a try.


Lauren at Fear Busters sent me a questionnaire to complete before my first session which asked for general information about my fear, plus other aspects of my life.


On my first visit Lauren put me at ease straight away and talked me through how EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) could work for me, alongside other holistic therapies.


The EFT involves ‘body tapping’ to unblock disruptions in energy flow.  Lauren made me realise that my fear is not ‘real’,  it’s an emotion or energy that can be cleared.  I had managed to train my brain that my fear was real, we now had to un-train it!


After a combination of EDT and positive visualization we finally discovered the  route of my fear – not a phobia passed down from my parents as I had always thought but a scene from a long forgotten film!


In my second session Lauren used ‘eye-scrambling’ to reduce the intensity of the image I had from the film, and along with more tapping and a little art therapy I was feeling much more confident.


In my third and final session Lauren needed to deal with the worst part of my fear, taking off.  She used breathing techniques along with visualization to release the blocked bad energy that was causing the fear, I could physically feel the fear leaving my body!  At the end of the session I was very emotional, relieved that I no longer had my fear and very excited about my holiday!


The real test was two days later when I set off for Luton Airport with my friends.  I was still apprehensive, hoping beyond hope that all Lauren’s hard work was going to pay off.


We boarded the plane, and I was ok.  We found our seats, strapped ourselves in and listened to the safety briefing, I was ok.  Then as the plane started to move I felt myself relax, I picked up a magazine and chatted to my friends as the plane lifted in to the air!  It had worked! No tears, no squeezing my friends’ hands, no shaking, no paranoia about every noise and bump!


I am so grateful to Lauren for this transformation.  I can now look forward to going on holiday without fearing the journey!


For more information about Fear Busters visit their website

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    Amazing article

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